Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Subject: Wonderful Ordering Experience!

Today we received the amazing email below from a new customer, who I am told "seemed like a very sweet person". Not only do we appreciate the time it takes to write such an email, I would personally like to thank this customer for making the effort to ensure that Christian, the Customer Service Representative to whom he spoke, receives the recognition she deserves.

Here at Bubbles Bodywear we pride ourselves not only in Customer Service excellence, but also in treating all customers equally with dignity and respect. It's not just lip service - it's who we are. And based on this email, Christian has once again demonstrated our Company's core values and principles.

-Karen Jones
Owner and Founder

Bubbles Bodywear 

Dear Customer Service Manager,

I just wanted to send a quick note to you about one of your customer service reps named Christian (not sure of the spelling and I apologize in advance if I’m getting it wrong, but I’m sure you can look up my order, #xxxxxx, to make sure I have the right person).  She was an absolute pleasure to deal with!

I had to place a phone order as I was having issues with your website (my stupid antivirus program kept blocking your checkout page) and I was lucky enough to get Christian to take my order.  This was my first order with your company and she was sweet, courteous, and extremely helpful and answered all my questions.  I was a little hesitant to call as being transgendered, I sometimes get customer service reps who are not so nice to me on the phone, but Christian made me feel completely at ease and even gave me advice on how to best wear my new LoveMyBubbles products.  She even offered to help me if I have any questions or issues after I receive my products!

Customer service, like that which was provided to me today by Christian, is becoming a more and more rare commodity in today’s world and because of this, I feel it is my duty to report to management when I feel an employee of their company goes well above and beyond what is expected of them.  Kudos to Christian and I hope that you recognize her for her wonderful service.  She certainly deserves it and the pleasantness, attitude, and professionalism she exudes is the epitome of what every customer’s experience should be.  That is true customer service!

Yours Truly,

xxxxxx (name omitted for privacy reasons)

p.s. – I will most certainly be recommending your company to all of my friends, both in and out of the transgendered community, based on my experience with Christian today.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bubbles' Sticky Buns® Adhesive Silicone Butt Pads ~ New Video Posted!

New video posted! Bubbles Bodywear's exclusive Silicone Sticky Buns are the most versatile AND realistic booty boosting solution! Watch the video to see how these pads work, how they look and how to chose a size!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mrs. Michigan and Her Inspiring Wieght Loss Journey

While competing for Mrs Michigan, Shaylett Stuckey contacted us to tell us how much she loved our products and hoped that we could sponsor her throughout her pageant journey. We were happy to oblige such a strong and vivacious person and were even more thrilled to learn that she WON the Mrs. Michigan pageant! And we will of course be supporting and rooting for her as she prepares for the Mrs.USA pageant in the next coming months!

In appreciation of the sponsorship, Shaylett sent us this wonderful note about her weight-loss experience and her pageant goals. Her story is so inspirational that we wanted to share it here on our blog:

What a difference a day (or 4 years) makes! Just a few short years ago, I found myself in a situation where my health dictated that I have gastric bypass surgery, or risk never again doing what I love! Singing has been something I’ve done since I can remember and it was a non-negotiable. I made the choice to go ahead with the surgery, and I did TONS of research, but what I didn’t count on was getting “bariatric butt”. Yes, this is real and it happened to me! Basically, you lose weight so fast that if you’re not already in shape, and who is that chooses this route, all that fat is gone and you’re left with the saggy baggy skin pockets that used to be home to the “junk in your trunk”. Basically, you’ve just got trunk! I lost over 150 pounds and it was SO EXCITING! I went from a size 22 to a size 8.

Shaylett Before Weight Loss Surgery

I LOVED everything about it EXCEPT when I tried on clothes, besides a little extra skin, I had no side profile. I was flat from my shoulders to my calves.  (This was also culturally just unacceptable, if you know what I mean) You can find bras for every type and size but what was I going to do about my backside? I went online one night to my favorite retail site and found “LOVE MY BUBBLES” Boyshorts! They really sounded too good to be true but for the great price, I was willing to try anything. I LOVED them!! My pants fit so much better. My dresses looked like a woman was wearing them. I was HOOKED!  I went to the LOVE MY BUBBLES website just to check them out and I felt like I’d found the mothership! YES! Finally an answer for someone like me who desired to have her curves back, but cosmetic surgery was not something I was considering. I stayed on the site for HOURS and settled on a second pair of boyshorts and another pair that included hip pads. I just couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made it my clothes, my self-esteem, and my body shape. It was just WOW!!
I think what I liked the most is that they offered products to actually LIFT the buttocks, not just pad over the saggy baggy parts. They also SHAPED the buttocks, so I wasn’t left with high yet still flat shapeless buttocks.

In December of 2013, I was contacted by the director of the Mrs. Michigan America pageant saying that someone had recommended me as a delegate for our county. Of course, I said “no” a few times, but figured “why not”? I decided to run in March of 2014, but I knew that without some “help” I was going to be a in a bad way. There was an evening gown AND swim suit portion that required some major undergarment magic. It was “LOVE MY BUBBLES” to the rescue! Not only did I reach out to them but they generously accepted and provided the undergarments I needed to compete. I looked FABULOUS in my clothes and was 2nd Runner Up! Not bad for a first time pageant girl with a 150 pound weight loss.

I spent many of the months after the pageant thinking about trying one more time for the title. My husband lost his job that following July and things seemed to be spiraling a bit out of control. I thankfully was able to continue working my jewelry business and found full time employment as well. However, I still didn’t feel “done”, so I made my decision to compete for 2015 and again reached out to “LOVE MY BUBBLES” who so graciously responded to my request. This time, I knew that I needed more than just butt pads, I needed more control over my tummy, as the extra skin on my belly had now become an issue. I am blessed to not have as much as I’ve seen on others, but when you’re talking “Pageants”, it’s a whole new ball game. I opted for a Capri style butt lift garment with a high waist. I also chose a body suit that didn’t hold me in as much as controlled the jiggle in my belly. It is THE BEST!! Again, these products are genius and I confidently wore my bathing suit and strapless evening gown, and I WON!! I am now Mrs. Michigan America 2015!

I will now go on to compete for the title of Mrs. America in September in Moscow! I know, its crazy right! I’m SO THRILLED and EXCITED!! It is such an honor to represent the married women of Michigan and hopefully of America. Now, it’s going to be a matter of raising enough money to afford the trip. There are dresses and evening gowns, coaching, makeup, shoes, passports, baggage fees, costumes, and the list goes on. Right now we need to raise just over $8000, so we have set up a page at and you can also pay online via Square Cash at$modelmom  Either way its just such a blessing to me and I am grateful.

Make no mistake there are TONS of products out there that claim to do what LOVE MY BUBBLES does so well. What I LOVE about them is I don’t end up with pancake butt or just a misshapen backside that I still have to work around with Spanx and other products just to get the desired look. I am thrilled with the quality of their products because caring for them is easy and they LAST! How many times have we bought what you thought was the perfect under garment, washed it once, and there goes the elastic? The website is customer friendly and the actual photos of “before and after” help me determine whether the product is going to do for me what I need it to do. Friends and family are constantly asking me what I’ve done or what surgery I’ve had that has given me my booty back? I have no problem telling them there’s no surgery, I just “LOVE MY BUBBLES”!

Please be sure to “LIKE” me on FB at Mrs. Michigan America Pageant and you can visit our site at 

Shaylett Stuckey
Mrs. Michigan America 2015