Monday, February 15, 2016

Interview: Shapewear talk with Bubbles Bodywear: exclusive interview with Karen E. Jones

Thanks to Sarah Afshar - I had a great time doing this interview! It's always a good exercise in business to look back at the beginning and where you've been. And it's a crucial piece of knowing where you're going!

Check out the article here:

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Customer Feedback of the Day

We know our customers are busy, which is why we are so appreciative when one of them takes the time to write to us without any incentive or prodding. We believe that it's the best compliment we can receive! After all, you have to really LOVE YOUR BUBBLES to stop what you're doing, take time out of your busy schedule and go to our website to share your experience.

Here is the latest and greatest example of such a "share"...

Just wanted to shout out a big "thank-you" for your many products and easy shipping to Canada! Due to a medical emergency, I lost 50% of my body weight and felt embarrassed at the gym when trying to regain muscle. Spandex looks horrible on a flat behind and even my trainer jokingly called me "cliff". 

I am amazed at how natural and sexy the padded panties look even under work out gear! They gave me the confidence I needed to get back in shape and now I wear them daily because you can't help but love the look of a great behind. I know I'm probably not your target market but I have spread the news to so many ladies in physical rehab and everyone loves them! 

Of course, my sisters and friends are loving the boost too! I even gave them away as much treasured Christmas gifts. Thanks again, this product has really 'boosted,' my health and fitness! 

~Lynn in Canada

A BIG "thank you" to Lynn for your wonderful story! We truly value your feedback, suggestions and customer loyalty!

~The Bubbles Girls