Friday, April 27, 2012

Bubbles, Booty shorts & a pair of bad ass heels!

Happy #FashionFriday Fashionistas, If you’re arriving here at our Padded Panty blog for the first time, it's more than likely that you want to improve the shape, size of lift of your backside.

No worries, we have your solution!

We all know there are a plethora of shapes and sizes of butts out there: from flat to phat, high to low, wide to narrow and so many more! But the most desirable of those shapes from an anthropological and sociological perspective are the heart-shaped butt, the bubble butt and shelf butt.

Now, as you may already know, we here at Bubbles Bodywear are the innovators and the leading specialists in creating bodacious backsides. We have the products that will help you get the rump you want! Read on to find the best padded booty style for you…

Heart-Shaped Booty:

This type of booty is named Heart-Shaped because it looks like an upside-down heart. One of the smaller types, this butt is known for its curves more than its “cushion.” The best example of a heart-shaped bottom would be Pippa Middleton’s. To achieve this look, we recommend the Double-O® Push-up Brief LITE. This is for those who want to achieve the look of a perky booty without using padding. It’s like a bra for your booty and provides minimum booty coverage and lite tummy control in a brief style panty. All you have to do is slip the panty on over your hips and position the panty so it lays flat against the skin. The "holes" in the back of the brief will push the booty up-and-out of the panty creating a rounded heart-shaped looking backside.


The Bubble Butt is bigger than the heart-shaped and even rounder. The J-Lo and Kim Kardashian butts are perfect examples of the bubble. We have many products to help you get this look, including our Caboost! Padded Panties. This padded panty offers maximum enhancement, built-in molded pads and a midrise waistline. It provides moderate tummy control and a big boost to your backside in a traditional panty style. The midrise style offers about 2 inches of boost, one of the thickest padded undies you'll find on the market today!

Shelf Butt:

This is the most serious and roundest kind! Think Serena Williams. This is a butt that you can balance a drink on. Not for the shy, this look can be achieved by wearing our BubbleBuns Boyshort Panty/Pad Set with the Thick Pad option. Our thick foam pads are available up to 3 inches thick!

For a more moderate “shelf” look, try our Can-Can Padded Panty. The Can-Can padded panty shaper was designed for our customers who asked for a basic padded panty with silky-soft fabric and a midrise waistline. It’s removable oval foam pads provide one-half inch of booty to the backside - a realistic but noticeable difference. The high-quality construction and incredible fabric will make you look and feel like you spent $10K on a surgical butt lift!

These are just a few examples of what we have to offer, so pick a bad ass pair of heels and go make some heads turn!  ~ Check out for even more booty-ful ideas!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today's Customer Q & A

Our customer service agents answer customer questions all day long (with a smile)! And many of those questions are about how to choose the right product when shopping on our website.

It's all about finding the right product for you - not necessarily a bestselling item. What works for one person might not work for the next. So we do our best to answer our customers' questions and match them up with the perfect problem-solving fashion solution for them.

But when our phones are closed, or our agents are busy, our Frequently Asked Questions are there to help customers with their questions.

We're adding to, and updating our FAQ all the time! And here's the most recent addition to our FAQ...

What is the difference between foam and silicone padding?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bubbles for Boys!

Women aren't the only ones with small butt insecurity -- men also long to have a booty that turns heads. We here at Bubbles Bodywear haven't forgotten about you boys! We have a variety of booty boosters and body slimmers to help you with all of your problem areas. We have Enhancing Underwear, products built for Jock Comfort, Top Half Slimmers, products with Lumbar Support and great sale items.

As we are known predominantly for our booty boosting products, this blog post will give you a preview of some of our most popular padded men's undies:

One of our most popular butt boosting products are the BoyBubbles Men's Padded Trunk. This enhancement trunk has a low-rise waistline, pre-shrunk stretch fabric and realistic shape. The low-rise style and high-cut leg line means that this trunk can be worn under just about anything without showing. They also feature a unique patent-pending hidden interior pad pockets so no one will know that there's padding on the derriere (even if someone sees you only in your briefs). In addition, they have a hidden inner front pocket that will hold one of our optional jock pads for a bigger looking bulge!

Another popular booty booster for men is The Jackpot!  This masculine and comfortable enhancing brief cures the flat-physique syndrome for any man who might need a shape, size or confidence boost. The secret of this padded underwear for men is its hidden pad pockets in the front and back of the brief, which hide the removable pads perfectly. Wear the back pads only, the front pad only, or wear all the pads at the same time for a robust profile. With its silky fabric, sleek styling and choice of padding types, possibilities abound for any man who wants to round-out their profile with sophistication and masculinity. 

The Men's Double-O Butt Lifter offers butt-boosting power without the use of any pads. This masculine style lifts, defines and separates to create the ultimate bubble-butt.  It features enhanced compression material that shapes the abdomen while pushing the butt cheeks up and out -- instantly creating a nice rounded derriere and is available in 2 styles: Front Padded Pouch and Front Pouch Enhancer.

And this is just a small sampling of the many problem-solving underwear solutions for offer for men. Visit us at to see our complete line of men's shapewear!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Problem area? We've got your solution!

Everyone has an area (or two) of their body that they want to improve. At Bubbles Bodywear, we have products for every body issue! Read on to see how to improve your problem area.

Low Butt:

Ah, gravity. It's not always our friend. When we get older, things start to droop south. It's the natural order of things, of course, but we don't have to like it! That's why Bubbles offers The Can-Can Padded Panty. This mid-rise panty has oval pads that sit higher on the body that most other padded panties and gives the illusion of a perky bottom. 

Belly and Flat Booty:

In need of a flat belly and a rounder booty?
Our Foxy Fanny Original Silicone Padded Panties flatten out the lower abdomen and give a nice rounding effect to your booty. The panties have a midrise waistline with spandex and nylon mesh controls for your tummy and silicone pads for your backside.   

Muffin Top and Small Butt:

Like the look of fitted pants, but hate the look of the muffin top that pours out the top? Wish your butt looked more bodacious? Check out the Perfect Padded Panty. The high waistline goes up and over the belly to prevent the dreaded muffin top and the panties contain 1/2-inch concave shaped pads that fit snugly against your cheeks. The pads give your butt a noticeable, but still natural-looking boost.

Thick Tummy and Lack of Curves:

Looking for a strong mid-tummy flattener that gives dramatic hourglass curves? Check out our popular Caboost! Padded Panty! It has a flat-front waist cinching band that goes across the tummy and the back and creates the look of a tiny waist. The booty pads are 2 inches big and will give you the curves you have always dreamed of!

Bra Bulge/Back Fat:

Do your fitted shirts look great from the front, but not from the back? Bubbles can help you cure that Bra Bulge with our Control Bra with Back Support. The wireless control bra offers strong support up front and an x-shaped reinforcement in the back to smooth you out and give you good posture. We also have an Underwire Bralette that has a high back band that eliminates those dreaded bra lines and bulges. In addition, it has high underarm coverage to give an extra slimming effect. The Bralette has an underwire for great shaping. 

Plumber Butt:

Do you love how you look in jeans, but hate how the waistline gaps and never sits firmly against your body? Try the Hollywood Hip Hugger. It has a hidden belt that attaches to the loops of jeans and other pants and pulls your waistline taut so your pants have a smooth, flat front.

These are just a few of our fashion fixes. You could spend hours at finding amazing products to help you look and feel more confident and sexy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 5 Reasons NOT To Get Butt Augmentation Surgery

Through the last decade, the popularity of butt augmentation surgery
has skyrocket-ed. It’s really not too shocking a statistic considering all the celebs currently revered for their bodacious backsides. After all, Hollywood stars help set the biggest fashion trends out there.

And leading this shapely-booty trend since 2003, Bubbles Bodywear is the first shapewear company in the world to focus on the industry of derriere enhancement. We offer a variety of products to naturally boost the look of your bottom. Women and men LOVE our products, however there are still those out there thinking about surgery. This article is for them!

Our Top 5 of Reasons NOT to go under the knife:

5. Styles change
In the 1980s it was chic to be athletic, in the ’90s it was all about
the waif look (aka heroin chic) and in the 2000s, its been all about
curves. Why get something so permanent when style is so fickle. . .

4. No guarantees
We’ve seen pics of celebs with botched boob jobs (Hello, Tara Reid). Imagine what can happen to a body part that you sit on all day! We’ve also heard about implants feeling rock hard. After surgery, you have no guarantees  that your booty will feel real (not to mention the concern of bursting and breakage). Those who use the fat transfer procedure to boost their butts are also offered no guarantees for the safety of the procedure or how long the effects will last. More risks include bleeding, scarring and numbness.

3. Money
Surgery is not cheap! It’s a lot more affordable to buy Bubbles' butt boosting
undies ( we even offer many quality enhancement styles for under $25 ) than to buy a whole new butt - which can start as high as $3000.00.

2.  Surgery is not always safe
There could be serious and scary complications...and even death. There are far too many horribly disturbing stories in the news about this type of surgery, including the death of a former Miss Argentina who died from complications from a butt augmentation surgery.

1. You have Bubbles!
Bubbles Bodywear has been designing and manufacturing enhancing shapewear since 2003. We've been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, V Magazine (and so many more) over the years for creating “booty bras” for the purpose of lifting the derriere, as well as our robust collection of stylish padded underwear to more dramatically increase the size and shape of the rear-end.

So try one of our many high-quality, affordable and safe booty-enhancing panty styles for your derriere improvement!