Thursday, March 9, 2006


Sweet and Vicious LLC, maker of Bubbles Butt Boosting Lingerie, releases their 2nd Annual Top Ten List of Tush-Challenged Celebrities.

Atlanta, GA, March 6, 2006 – To the relief of many well endowed women, a nice plump rump is the hottest accessory since silicone bounced in and out of the 90’s fashion scene. Thanks to the likes of J-Lo and Beyonce, women can now appreciate and even flaunt their maximus gluteus.

But not all women are quite so lucky. Most flat-bottom-girls can blame genetics for their lacking posteriors. And these women will no-doubt agree that eating, weightlifting, padded underwear and high-risk implant surgery are simply not viable solutions to the problem. Instead, they are discovering the new sexy, affordable and comfortable solution: Bubbles Butt Boosting Lingerie. And in celebration of the patent-pending line of enhancing shapewear, its creator, Bubbles Bodywear, has conducted their 2nd annual celebrity booty poll.

Bubbles fans have voted and the verdict is in. In the eyes of their fellow tush-challenged fans, these celebs could use a pair of Bubbles too:

1. Paris Hilton
2. Lara Flynn Boyle
3. Cameron Diaz
4. Jennifer Aniston ties with Eva Longoria
5. Nicole Richie
6. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
7. Kelly Ripa
8. Hilary Duff ties with Lindsay Lohan
9. Mena Suvari
10. Angelina Jolie (write-in candidate)

Bringing up the rear at #10 was the most popular write-in candidate, Angelina Jolie. Paris Hilton keeps her crown as the #1 most tush-challenged celebrity two years in a row but did not run away with the honor like last year. She almost lost her spot to Lara Flynn Boyle. For these ladies (and Tom), a pair of Bubbles could be their most valuable asset for a red-carpet rendezvous or any on-camera bootie shot for that matter.

About Bubbles
Women are seeking fabulous curves from head to toe and with Bubbles, the new Butt Boosting Lingerie from Sweet and Vicious LLC, they too can have a commanding posterior. With its patent-pending innovative design, Bubbles works like a push-up bra for the butt, lifting and shaping a woman’s existing assets.

Bubbles Butt Boosters are available in three styles: Bubbles Bands, Bubbles ThighShapers and Bubbles Capris.

About Sweet and Vicious LLC
Sweet and Vicious LLC is a small shapewear company led by passionate entrepreneurs who provide creative lingerie solutions for today's empowered woman – the woman who knows how to be sweet and when to be vicious.

Sweet and Vicious manufactures its products in the USA and distributes out of Atlanta, Georgia.

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