Saturday, June 25, 2016

Padded Panties and Butt Lifters for Summer

It's almost July and boy is it getting out out there! When the mercury rises most of us fashionistas are dreaming of swimsuits and sundresses rather than shapewear. But the fact is that our summer outfits need a good foundation garment just as much as the rest of our wardrobe!

Here are my favorite Bubbles® for the summer....

Padded Panties
  1. Pin-up Padded Panty: Sheer fabrics with lightweight foam padding. Low profile coverage and smooth, flat seams.

  2. BubbleBuns Padded Boyshort Panty/Pad Set: Lightweight stretchy fabric with low-profile boyshort style for minimum coverage. Comes with lightweight foam padding.
  3. Can-Can Padded Panties: Soft lightweight fabrics with lightweight, delicate elastics for an uber-comfortable fit.

Butt Bras
  1. Bubbles Bum Lifting Bands: The anti-shapewear! Our patented Bubbles Bands boost the booty from below with a minimal amount of fabric and coverage.

  2.  Double-O® Push-up Brief LITE : Bare skin is the best defense against the heat. So what better booty boosting solution for summer than one with holes? This lightweight booty bra is made of a meshy lightweight fabric with minimal body coverage.

Butt Pads

  1. Stick-N-Go Self-Adhesive Foam Booty Pads are lightweight foam pads with a soft cloth layer that comes in contact with the skin. The sticky side adheres to you underwear or to a pair of snug-fitting shorts or pants. No special undies needed! And the fewer layers worn in the summer, the better!


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Transformation Tuesday! Hipee Hip and Butt Padded Panty

Transform your figure into a curvy Hollywood bombshell with our Hipee Hip and Butt PaddedBrief!  The Hipee is our favorite padded panty to achieve a feminine silhouette.   

And for more dramatic hip and butt boosting, try our optional exclusive Silicone Hip-to-Butt pads. Add these pads on top of the foam padding (that comes with the Hipee panty/pad set), and watch your incredible transformation take place!

Shop the Hipee Hip and Butt Padded Brief:

SHAPING TIP:  Pair the Hipee with an exclusive Bubbles Bodywear Waist Cinchers to complete the hourglass look!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Best Padded Undergarments for Brides and Bridesmaids

BRIDE GUIDE 101:  Here are a couple of our special occasion padded panty body shapers that I recommend to Bubbles® customers searching for the perfect curve-enhancer to wear under their wedding gowns (also just great for any seamless dress in your wardrobe!).

Danger! Curves Behind Padded Full-Slip:

Danger! Curves Behind Padded Half-Slip

 Danger! Curves Behind Padded Full-Slip:

Danger! Curves Behind Padded Full-Slip


Because there are so many factors to consider (bodies, dresses, brides, etc), we offer a variety of booty pad  options that can be alternated or combined inside the pad pockets in these slips. 

For example, some brides want to dramatically accentuate their backside in a mermaid dress, others just want a little boost in a sheath style gown. Some brides start with a flat bottom, others are already endowed but have a dress that flattens their beautiful curves.

When unsure what size boost you may need under your special dress, I recommend choosing both the optional Thick Foam Booty Pads AND the Silicone Booty Pads to whichever Danger! Slip you decide to purchase. This strategy will ensure that you have a variety of pad styles and thicknesses to test at your fitting!

Contributor: Christian C. 
Christian is a Customer Service Specialist here at Bubbles® Bodywear. Many of our Customers know and love her! She has an amazing perspective after years of assisting our Customers. Her blog posts provide a unique window into the world of Bubbles®!