Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Transformation Tuesday! Hipee Hip and Butt Padded Panty

Transform your figure into a curvy Hollywood bombshell with our Hipee Hip and Butt PaddedBrief!  The Hipee is our favorite padded panty to achieve a feminine silhouette.   

And for more dramatic hip and butt boosting, try our optional exclusive Silicone Hip-to-Butt pads. Add these pads on top of the foam padding (that comes with the Hipee panty/pad set), and watch your incredible transformation take place!



Shop the Hipee Hip and Butt Padded Brief: http://www.lovemybubbles.com/padded-hip-butt-panties.shtml

SHAPING TIP:  Pair the Hipee with an exclusive Bubbles Bodywear Waist Cinchers to complete the hourglass look!

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