Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NY Post Fashion Features Bubbles Bodywear!

It's award show season (Academy Awards, Grammy's, Oscar's, Emmy's...and more),  which means Red Carpets abound! And when Red Carpet season comes around, Bubbles Bodywear is always busy supplying celebrity stylists and doing interviews. Our CEO and Founder Karen Jones spent an hour with NYPost Fashion chatting it up about everything Bubbles....from our 2003 beginnings to our exclusive booty-boosting shapewear collections:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

NY Fashion Week 2017

Fashion is our passion and we are so excited about the many fun trends to choose from this season!   
Form-fitting runway peices like bell-bottoms that hug the booty, smart pencil-leg trousers and super-high-boots with short shorts may chellenge some of us with boy-hips or a diminutive backside. 

But a little extra help from Bubbles Bodywear is all that's needed to make these new, super-trendy fashion-statement look runway-worthy.  Here are a couple of key pieces from our exclusive collection of booty-boosters that will make any new fashion trend “pop”, literally! 

Don’t hesitate to contact us with ANY questions you may have at 1-800-401-5811!  

Now go out there and strut your stuff!

Contributor: Christian C. 
Christian is a Customer Service Specialist here at Bubbles® Bodywear. Many of our Customers know and love her! She has an amazing perspective after years of assisting our Customers. Her blog contributions provide a unique window into the world of Bubbles®!

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