Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Padded Underwear: A Guide for Padded Shapewear Shoppers

Updated: August 19, 2023

As the foremost padded underwear experts, Love My Bubbles is the #1 resource for anyone looking to boost their bum. From padded panties to butt bras, as well as our exclusive adhesive booty and hip pads, Love My Bubbles has a solution for just about any fashion goal our customers may have.

Here's a guide to help new shoppers learn boosting terminology - our own Bubbles lexicon if you will, to define and describe our innovative shapewear designs.

Retro Lace-Waist Padded Underwear
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Watch this recently updated explainer video from our Owner, Karen Jones, or read below for answers...

Padded Underwear vs. Padded Panties

Is there a difference between Padded Underwear and Padded Panties? The answer is no - we use these terms interchangeably on our website to describe any underwear style that features padding in the back and/or the hips. Padded Panty and Padded Panties are also the same thing - one is just the plural of the other.

However, the term underwear is used more frequently to describe padded briefs for men. We never use the term "Panties" when referring to our men's padded styles.

Padded Panties with Removable Pads vs. Built-in Pads

We have two main types of padded panty: Panties with removable butt pads and panties with built-in butt pads. Our best-selling type is our Panties with Removable Pads. These panties feature pad-pockets to hold our exclusive removable booty pads in place.

Panties with removable padding are our most popular padded option because pads can be removed and therefore interchanged with different types of padding for different looks under different fashions. For example, a customer might like to have a bigger boost under bulkier clothing so that the boost doesn't get "lost" under the outfit. But a thinner boost might be more desirable under a tight pair of jeans so the boost isn't "too much".

Since we specialize in designing and offering a huge variety of Booty Pad styles, from Premium Silicone Butt Pads to Standard Foam Butt Pads, purchasing this option allows our customers to customize their panty/pad combination for an amazing perfect fit.

Padded Panties with Removable Butt Pads

Panties with built-in booty pads had the advantage of simplicity - just pull them up and get dressed, like any traditional panty. The pads are molded to the shape of buttocks so they mimic the shape of  the body. There are no separate pads and panty parts to put together, which some of our customers do prefer. When you find a molded padded panty that has the right fit and thickness for you, it's time to stock-up with 7 pair - one for every day of the week, because when you get used to the boost, there's no going back!

Padded Panty with Built-in Molded Butt Pads

Monday, March 9, 2020

Top 5 Bubbles Bridal Body Shaping Secrets

It’s that time of year. Spring is almost here, the weather is warming and the sound of wedding bells are in the air. Brides, bridesmaids and Moms of the bride are planning their big day. For over 15 years Bubbles has been assisting bridal parties in finding the perfect bridal shapewear for their perfect bridal gown.

But the wedding dress silhouette we want to wear, is not always the one that flatters us most. Never fear...Bubbles is here to change that! With Bubbles as your secret weapon, you can fill-out the curves in your dress for a fully confident and care-free day (at least as far as your fashion goes).

Below we’ve gathered together the Top 5 Bubbles for Brides. These are the items most purchased by our “wedding guests”!

The Bootiful Full-back Padded Panty features super-sleek styling and fuller-shaped booty pads for a noticeable but ultra-realistic booty boost. These padded panties feature flat-leg-seams for a sleek look under body-hugging dresses. Designed to boost without panty or pad lines.

Our Hotcakes Padded Boyshort is a lowrise panty featuring hidden pad pockets that securely position our patent-pending polygon-shaped butt pads in place. Designed to realistically cover and mimic each cheek as you move under a sleek, body-hugging fabric.

Danger! Curves Behind. Our exclusive booty-boosting, body-shaping slip is made with soft yet strong stretch fabric that hugs your curves and holds you in for a sleek and slick profile. But the kicker is this...removable booty pads that increase curves only where you want them, on the rear. These special occasion padded shapers are perfect for strapless dresses and easy bathroom visits.

High-quality, Italian-made and uber-comfortable, this STRONG control Stretch & Perfect shapewear bodysuit features double-layer coverage over the entire torso for complete yet comfortable compression. Proudly featuring the newest technology in stretch fabric, this bodysuits start small but expands to 2-3 times its size to STRETCH and PERFECT your figure! Available in Light and Strong control, this bridal shapewear will confidently usher you through your special day.

Our Boobles! Foam Triangle Bra Pads are the perfect "pin-able" bra inserts. Pin this bra pad into a bra cup or directly into a dress for a secure, snug fit. Made of cotton and foam, these pads are lightweight, super-soft and versatile.

Runners Up: These styles don't make the top five but are popular with bridal parties for their innovative problem-solving designs:

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hip Dip Pads for YOUR Underwear

Hip Dip Pads are the perfect solution for those who want to fill a hip dip or add soft curves over the hip bone!


Over the years we noticed lots of videos on YouTube of famous drag queens teaching people how to make their own hip pads out of pillows or craft foam. Advice on how to wear these pad once made looked incredibly impractical - wear under 3 pairs of pantyhose! And careful when visiting the ladies room....the pads will fall out when nature calls. We thought, there's got to be a better way! Maybe Bubbles can help?

So we set out to create the newest addition to our Sticky Buns Adhesive Body Pads Collection. Introducing the Sticky Hips® Adhesive Foam Hip Pads! Our patent-pending Sticky Hips® feature an adhesive backing that is both washable and reusable. Simply slip the pads inside your own hosiery or shapewear for quick curves and cool confidence.

When compared to our Sticky Hips Silicone, our new Foam Hip Pads are taller and thicker to provide for projection and volume.

Watch as Bubbles' Founder and CEO shows us the ways in which we can wear the Sticky Hips and how they look under jeans: Styling our Sticky Hips Adhesive Foam Padding

  • Creates noticeable hip enhancement
  • Fills-in the "hip dip"
  • Lightweight, comfortable and versatile design
  • Removable, washable and reusable
  • Sticks to your clothing, not your skin
  • Wear under any of our seamless shapers for no pad lines
  • Position anywhere you like for a look customized just for you
  • Another innovative hip enhancer by Bubbles Bodywear!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Padded Underwear Bestsellers

The padded underwear FAQ we get most is "What are your bestsellers?". But just because many people love one padded style, doesn't mean that it will be right for you. So we have a few shopping tips for our "padded undies newbies":

  1. Don't think about the padding yet.

    We have two main types of padded underwear styles: Removable and Built-in. For the most versatile boosting options, choose one of our padded panty styles with removable booty pads. This style category includes our panties that feature our specially engineered pad-pockets to hold our removable, interchangeable booty pads. That means that you can customize your boost no matter which style of Bubbles panty/pad set you choose.

    I Heart Curves Padded Panty (Removable Booty Pads)
    The Rio Padded Panty (Built-in Booty Pads)

  2. First, choose the panty style you prefer.

    Look for the panty profile you usually prefer, or for a panty style that has the characteristics/features that meet specific goals (like a low rise style for wearing under a wedding dress with a deep-v back). For example, do you usually buy highrise shaper or a lowrise panty? Are you buying padded shapewear to wear under jeans or a bodycon dress?
    BubbleBuns Lowrise Padded Boyshort (Lowrise)

    Curves Behind Padded Half-Slip (Padded Bridal Shaper)

  3. Then, when you find the right panty style for your purpose, choose your pad options.

    Most of our panty/pad sets ship with booty pads of moderate thickness. We refer to these pads as "thin" or "regular". The thickness of these pads will give a moderate but noticeable boost on  most body types. While these pads are perfect for some, others may want to customize their Bubbles Panty/Pad Set by adding thicker booty pads for a bigger boost, or Silicone Booty Pads for a more realistic look and feel.

    with Regular Booty Pads, with Thick Pads in Medium, with Silicone Booty Pads in 3XL