Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Padded Underwear in Retro by Bubbles Bodywear

Here at Bubbles Bodywear we just LOVE our RETRO! Retro everything! Between design, fashion and architecture, 50's style is always classic. That's why we'v designed several retro-inspired padded underwear styles including our bestselling Retro Satin Padded Underwear - today's blog spotlight shaper.

This classic and sexy satin mesh shaping panty combines the best of 40's lingerie design with modern underwear technology (and booty pads, or course!).

Reminiscent of glamour-age pin-ups like Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable, this padded shaper is the perfect satin-trim hip-hugging brief for all bombshells-in-training!

Padding is designed for a moderate, realistic boost. The booty pads are removable and interchangeable so you can customize your look. Optional Lightweight Silicone Booty Pads and/or thicker foam butt pads can be added.

  • Sexy, mid-waist, hipster styling
  • Retro satin detailing and tummy smoothing panel
  • Removable booty pads
  • Pad pockets securely hold pads in place inside the underwear

Get our Retro Satin Padded Underwear and view all our Padded Underwear options at!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

5 Rules for Wearing Butt Pads

Bubbles Bodywear's Owner and Lead Designer, Karen Jones, styles our Bootiful Padded Boyshort with our patent-pending Polygon Lite Silicone Butt Pads under a slim-fitting dress, a tight pencil skirt and a pair of seamless leggings. See what to do (and what to NOT do) when wearing butt pads to ensure that no one will know your butt pad secret!

The product in the video can be found here: Bootiful Full-back Padded Boyshort - The No-Panty-Line Padded Panty

Rule #1
Choose Bubbles Bodywear Butt Pads for the most realistic booty pad designs.

Rule #2
Choose butt pads made of silicone for thinner edges. Thin pad edges are concealed better by our pocket-panties (and by your clothing), resulting in a super-realistic undetectable booty boost. 

Rule #3
It's all about proportion. If padding is proportional to your figure, it will look more realistic.

Rule #4
Wear Bubbles' Butt Pads inside our pocket-panties (panties we design specifically for our booty pads) to hold them securely in place on the body. Or choose one of our Sticky Buns or Sticky Hips padding styles that feature adhesive to hold the pads in place against your shapewear or clothing.  Wearing booty pads or hip pads inside your own undies or pantyhose will inevitably result in the pads moving around and/or completely falling out. Yikes!

Rule #5
All above rules apply to wearing Hip Pads too!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Award Winning Customer Service

We hate to brag....OK, maybe we like it just a little bit!

What I DO love to brag about is our amazing team here at Bubbles. They are always prepped and ready to help our Customers who are looking for problem-solving solutions for whatever their situation may be: a wedding dress in need of curves, unexpected weight loss, the cruel nature of gravity on our bums, and the plethora of other reasons people visit for a confidence boost.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Bubbles With Your Festival Garb

Festivals are all about music, art, fashion and for the hotter months, there's usually a lot of skin showing.

We usually look much better at the beginning of the day than we do by the time we're heading home! But as long as we get some good selfies early-on in the day (while we're still lookin' pretty and fresh), that's all that matters ;)!

Here at Bubbles we've seen our share of festivals. Everyone on our team has contributed valuable nuggets of advice to this blog post. Some are tips for the best Bubbles to wear under your festival outfits. Others are just good tips to make your day(s) more comfy while looking your best:

  1. When wearing short shorts, grab our Lite Silicone Bubbles booty pads.We recommend pairing them with our BubbleBuns Bikini Panty. These padded undies have a small profile that will disappear even under short shorts. And our Lite Silicone is more comfortable in warmer weather (compared to our Traditional Silicone Booty Pads).

  2. Evey girl needs a good pair of nipple covers for festival halter and tube tops, body paint or whatever you dare to wear. Try our water-resistant Everyday Pasties. With a special type of adhesive and material, these concealers stick better and longer in sweaty conditions.

  3. Any outdoor event inevitably and regrettably involves a porta-potty. Come prepared with disinfectant hand wipes, because you won't have a sink, soap and running water available to you when you exit. Wipes that smell nice are an added bonus. And if you have space in your bag or pockets, a pack of tissues is a good idea too - TP runs out quick (if ever stocked at all).

  4. If your outfit doesn't have secure pockets, bring a lightweight drawstring backpack. Shoulder bags can be stolen, forgotten or left behind easily in all the fun and mayhem.

  5. Be safe. Keep good track of your drinks, and if possible, buy/carry drinks in a cup or bottle  with a lid. Don't give anyone an opportunity to slip an unwanted drug in your drink.

  6. Get a small tube of sunscreen. A sunburn makes a hangover even worse.

  7. Rain possible? Bring some re-closable plastic baggies to protect anything you want to keep dry.

  8. Don't forget to eat food and drink water. Drinking alcohol (especially beer) may make you feel full. And without water to hydrate and food to soak up the booze, the next day will not be a good one. We also like hangover patches to get needed vitamins without taking a pill.

  9. Make sure your phone has a full charge. If you have space, bring an solar powered charger. Or just plan to not use your phone much during the day to preserve your battery of you really need to use your phone. Better yet - leave your good phone at home and get a burner for the day.

*Some links on this page are affiliate links.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2018


    Dare to bare with Bubbles Everyday Pasties! If you like to show some skin, or you just want dim the headlights in your bikini, halter or tank tops, our water resistant nipple covers are a must-have!  

    These handy little concealers feature a strong adhesive and water-resistant design that help to resist wet conditions like swimming and sweating...great for pool parties, Slip‘N Slide, body paint artists, see-thru tops, muscle tanks, bikini tops and all your slinky, sheer or sexy summer ensembles.

    Water Resistant Nipple Covers

    Thursday, June 7, 2018

    Throwback Thursday!

    If you've been boosting your curves for a while, you might remember the old “Four-Pad Panty Girdle”. It was your grandmother's girdle - very bulky and cumbersome. but never fear! Bubbles Bodywear has developed revolutionary alternatives to the four pad panty girdle....the Hipee Hip and Butt Padded Brief and the Glamour Gal Padded Hips and Buttock Panty.

    Our Hipee panty/pad set combines the hip and butt padding together into 2 pads - each pad covers one sode of the body from butt to hip.   Having only two pads makes a smoother and more natural transition all around.  The Hipee comes with the specialized pocket-panty and a set of foam pads that provide a light to moderate boost. But as always at Bubbles, we offer additional options: (1) a thicker foam pad set and/or (2) a set of pads made of natural-feeling silicone (which also provides a more noticeable boost as compared to the foam padding).  

    Our Glamour Gal panty/pad set features our patented silicone hip-to-butt pads that not only look real, they feel like a natural extension of your own body. And we designed the Glamour Gal with a high-quality, strong-control powernet material that securely holds the pads in place while also slimming and smoothing the midsection.

    As our regular customers already know, here at Bubbles we are all about innovation and options!

    If you still have questions about which product might be right for you, contact us so we can help you decide what will work best for you. 

    We even have lots of options for reaching out! Give us a call, send an email, start an online chat or chat-by-text from your mobile phone:

    Wednesday, May 30, 2018

    Italian Stallion

    We can’t get enough of our luxurious Italian-made booty-lifting body shapers!  Have you tried one yet? We guarantee that you won't be disappointed. 

    What you get in every one of Bubbles' Made in Italy booty-lifters...
    • High-end manufacturing
    • Quality seamless & sleek, stretchy fabric
    • Targeted, comfortable compression
    • Incredibly soft and comfortable 

    Here are a few of our bestselling Italian-made shapers:

    Bella Bottom Footless Tights

    High-End Highwaist Shaping Short

    Stretch & Perfect™ Strong Control Bodysuit

    Tuesday, April 17, 2018

    Bang for Your Buck

    When ordering Bubbles padded underwear, save big when by ordering a panty/pad set!

    For seasoned Bubbles Customers, purchasing our booty pads and pocket-panties separately will always be an option. It's a special way of shopping that only Bubbles Bodywear offers for those who want to customize their panty/pad sets, need additional pairs of Bubbles Pocket-Panties or require  alternative or replacement Bubbles Booty Pads. 

    But, especially for first-time padded underwear buyers, we recommend reaping the many benefits of shopping our panty/pad set department first:

    • Get it right the first time. We design our panty/pad sets to match in size, weight and circumference so you can be guaranteed to get a booty pads that fit properly and comfortably in the matching panty.
    • Takes the guesswork out of shopping. Bubbles Bodywear offers lots of options, which can be overwhelming for a padded undie newbie. So for first-time buyers, purchasing a panty/pad set eliminates any worry that the panty and pads received won't fit or work well together.
    • Save some dough. We offer our panty/pad sets at a special "Set Price" which always makes buying a set more economical than buying the pocket-panties and booty pads separately.

    If you still have questions about which Padded Underwear style is best for your shaping needs, don't hesitate to contact us for guidance regarding which panty and pad combination will work best for you! 

    Friday, July 7, 2017

    Sticky Buns® Booty Pads from Bubbles Bodywear

    -->Here at Bubbles® we offer two main categories of booty padding:

    Removable booty pads that must be worn inside our Pocket-Panties to hold the pads in place on the body.
    Adhesive, removable booty pads that can be worn inside your own underwear or clothing.

    The advantage to our Sticky Buns® is that they can be worn inside your own snug-fitting pants or shapewear. This means that they are extremely versatile, capable of being placed in any position on your body to create the most realistic boost. Offered in several sizes and thicknesses, as well as in foam, silicone and even a Sticky Hips® Pad version, Bubbles has a pair of Sticky Buns® for you!

    Wednesday, July 5, 2017

    Summer Shapewear

    Be Summer-Ready with Bubbles Bodywear! 

    With lightweight fabrics, minimal coverage shapers and even padded swimwear, we've got summer shapewear options that won't make you sweat! So even though summer is here, don't fret. You have shapewear options at to help you look and feel your best.

    A happy and safe summer to all from Bubbles Bodywear!

    Thursday, June 15, 2017

    What to Wear for a Flat Stomach and a Perky Booty

    Try any of our Bubbles Bodywear curve-enhancing, smoothing, waist-cinching Butt Lifters or Padded Panties for a flat stomach and a perky booty.  These things will really hold you in!  

    And as you accentuate your assets, sculpt your curves, and smooth your silhouette, you may be amazed at just how radiant and confident you will feel. Bubbles Bodywear is not just shapewear, it's inner strength and self-assurance all wrapped up in one beautiful package - YOU! 

    Here are a some of our favorite Bubbles body shapers for an all-around fabulous look:

    Padded styles with strong tummy control:

    Butt-Lifters (no padding) with tummy control:

    Or check out all of our Waist Cinchers and Slimmers

    Sunday, June 11, 2017

    HOTCAKES - Add Some Sizzle to your WIGGLE!

    In the Spotlight:HOTCAKES™ Padded Panty

    Lowrise Boyshort with Polygon Silicone Butt Pads


    Add SIZZLE to your WIGGLE™! Introducing our most innovative and exclusive padded panty! After a year of development, our new HOTCAKES™ silicone padded panty provides our most uber-realistic booty boost to date. This lowrise boyshort features hidden pads pockets that securely position our patent-pending Polygon Lite Silicone Booty Pads. Designed to realistically cover and mimic each cheek as you move.

    • Lowrise boyshort with hidden pad pockets.
    • Removable Lite Silicone butt padding.
    • New & Exclusive Polygon-shaped booty pads.
    • Innovative pad design covers more of each cheek for an ultra-realistic boost.
    • Solid, opaque pad pockets fully hide pads in back.
    • Comfy, stretch-cotton pad pocket breathes against the skin.
    • Lightweight, sheer and sexy mesh-fabric front.

    Monday, June 5, 2017

    Bubbles Has Your Coccyx Covered

    Does your "tush" need a little "cush"? Bubbles Bodywear has your coccyx covered!  

    Did you know? Not all of our customers want a padded panty for the look of a bigger bum. Many of our customers purchase our padded shapers strictly for comfort.

    Sitting for hours on end can have our tailbone crying for relief. And unfortunately there are many circumstances and careers that demand long hours of sitting...

    1. Those sitting for long hours as a result of their jobs, such as taxi drivers, long-haul truck drivers, pilots, telemarketers, police officers, etc.
    2. Extreme sports enthusiasts such as skateboarders, cyclists, horseback riders, snowboarders etc.
    3. Those who want everyday/extra cushion in their wheelchairs.
    4. Those needing a little extra cushion after some surgeries, illnesses or significant weight-loss.
    If you fit into one of the categories above and you'e thinking about buying padded undies, you are not alone!

    TIP:  When purchasing for comfort, we recommend choosing the Optional Thick Foam Padding add-ons to get the most spongy and squishy cush for your tush!

    Here are some specific links to style recommendations from our Bubbles Style Experts:

    Curves Behind! Padded Half-Slip

    Retro Satin Padded Brief

    BubbleBuns Padded Boyshort

    Caboost! Midrise Padded Panty