Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Product Alert! - Men's Padded Briefs

Ding Ding Ding! You'll know you've hit the JACKPOT! when you dawn this very masculine and comfortable enhancing brief. The Jackpot! will cure the flat-physique syndrome for any man who might need a shape, size or confidence boost.

The secret of this brief is its hidden pad pockets in the front and the back of the brief, which hide the removable pads perfectly. Wear the back pads only, the front pad only, or wear all the pads at the same time for a robust profile. With its silky fabric, sleek styling and choice of padding types, possibilities abound for any man who wants to round-out their profile with sophistication and masculinity.

With this exclusive patent-pending design, you'll feel like the million bucks you didn't win on your last trip to Vegas!

Caution: Wearer may experience grabbing! But don't worry...silicone pads may be added to your order (below). Silicone provides a more realistic feel for grabbers or slappers who may be coming in contact with your new rear-gear.

Ships with one pair of foam butt pads and one frontal foam pad (both removable). Optional Silicone Pad Set may be purchased. Exclusively ours.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Fashion designers and retailers are always looking for the new “Black” – that next big fashion trend that will hit big and increase their bottom line. According to national retailers like The Limited Stores and Bubbles Bodywear, “Curvy is the new Black”.

The days of heroin chic are far gone, replaced by the popularity of the healthy hourglass silhouette. This is great news for women who were born with a naturally curvy profile and for those who spend countless hours trying to walk, jog, step or yoga their badunkakdunk away.
But what about those women who are not naturally endowed with a shapely backside and can’t find it at the gym? Bubbles Bodywear has distinguished itself by pioneering the innovative industry of Booty Boosting. Yes – Booty Boosting. Karen Jones, President of Bubbles Bodywear, says that “there a lot of women out there who covet the now trendy curves of Hollywood starlets like Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba.”

Until now, the only options for these flat-bottom girls were contraptions that looked like grandma’s girdle crossed with men’s football pants. Bubbles Bodywear recognized this niche and began designing unique body-enhancing solutions in 2004, just about the time that the “J-Lo” nickname became the standard adjective for a big booty.

From Bubbles’ low-rise boyshorts to their discreet garter-style butt-lifters, women with flat, gravity-stricken, droopy or post-baby bottoms now have attractive and realistic-looking alternatives to boost their profile and their self-esteem.

Even mannequins joined the butt-boosting trend when The Limited Stores introduced a new fuller cut pant collection, specifically designed for the curvier girl. Upon planning the launch of the “Lexie Fit” sizing, they realized that they had a problem - all their size 2 mannequins did not do justice to the fuller cut of the pants collection.

Spending thousands on new mannequins was certainly not an ideal or economical solution. Instead, The Limited Stores ordered BubblesBuns – the patent-pending padded boyshorts from Bubbles Bodywear – to retrofit their mannequins for the Lexie launch in 250 stores across the country.

Jennifer Bayley, Public Relations Manager for The Limited explains: “Our mannequins didn’t have the right specs, so we used Bubbles Bodywear to help give them a ‘boost’. Our pants looked amazing once the Bubbles were on – it really helped highlight the features of the new fit.”

Whether you’re talking about fiberglass dummies or real women, it is undeniable that curves are here to stay. While many lingerie companies have been offering breast enhancing solutions decades, the bottom half is finally getting the attention it deserves and as a result, Bubbles Bodywear is fast becoming a wardrobe necessity for the non-bootylicious.