Friday, July 7, 2017

Sticky Buns® Booty Pads from Bubbles Bodywear

-->Here at Bubbles® we offer two main categories of booty padding:

Removable booty pads that must be worn inside our Pocket-Panties to hold the pads in place on the body.
Adhesive, removable booty pads that can be worn inside your own underwear or clothing.

The advantage to our Sticky Buns® is that they can be worn inside your own snug-fitting pants or shapewear. This means that they are extremely versatile, capable of being placed in any position on your body to create the most realistic boost. Offered in several sizes and thicknesses, as well as in foam, silicone and even a Sticky Hips® Pad version, Bubbles has a pair of Sticky Buns® for you!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Shapewear

Be Summer-Ready with Bubbles Bodywear! 

With lightweight fabrics, minimal coverage shapers and even padded swimwear, we've got summer shapewear options that won't make you sweat! So even though summer is here, don't fret. You have shapewear options at to help you look and feel your best.

A happy and safe summer to all from Bubbles Bodywear!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What to Wear for a Flat Stomach and a Perky Booty

Try any of our Bubbles Bodywear curve-enhancing, smoothing, waist-cinching Butt Lifters or Padded Panties for a flat stomach and a perky booty.  These things will really hold you in!  

And as you accentuate your assets, sculpt your curves, and smooth your silhouette, you may be amazed at just how radiant and confident you will feel. Bubbles Bodywear is not just shapewear, it's inner strength and self-assurance all wrapped up in one beautiful package - YOU! 

Here are a some of our favorite Bubbles body shapers for an all-around fabulous look:

Padded styles with strong tummy control:

Butt-Lifters (no padding) with tummy control:

Or check out all of our Waist Cinchers and Slimmers

Sunday, June 11, 2017

HOTCAKES - Add Some Sizzle to your WIGGLE!

In the Spotlight:HOTCAKES™ Padded Panty

Lowrise Boyshort with Polygon Silicone Butt Pads


Add SIZZLE to your WIGGLE™! Introducing our most innovative and exclusive padded panty! After a year of development, our new HOTCAKES™ silicone padded panty provides our most uber-realistic booty boost to date. This lowrise boyshort features hidden pads pockets that securely position our patent-pending Polygon Lite Silicone Booty Pads. Designed to realistically cover and mimic each cheek as you move.

  • Lowrise boyshort with hidden pad pockets.
  • Removable Lite Silicone butt padding.
  • New & Exclusive Polygon-shaped booty pads.
  • Innovative pad design covers more of each cheek for an ultra-realistic boost.
  • Solid, opaque pad pockets fully hide pads in back.
  • Comfy, stretch-cotton pad pocket breathes against the skin.
  • Lightweight, sheer and sexy mesh-fabric front.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Bubbles Has Your Coccyx Covered

Does your "tush" need a little "cush"? Bubbles Bodywear has your coccyx covered!  

Did you know? Not all of our customers want a padded panty for the look of a bigger bum. Many of our customers purchase our padded shapers strictly for comfort.

Sitting for hours on end can have our tailbone crying for relief. And unfortunately there are many circumstances and careers that demand long hours of sitting...

  1. Those sitting for long hours as a result of their jobs, such as taxi drivers, long-haul truck drivers, pilots, telemarketers, police officers, etc.
  2. Extreme sports enthusiasts such as skateboarders, cyclists, horseback riders, snowboarders etc.
  3. Those who want everyday/extra cushion in their wheelchairs.
  4. Those needing a little extra cushion after some surgeries, illnesses or significant weight-loss.
If you fit into one of the categories above and you'e thinking about buying padded undies, you are not alone!

TIP:  When purchasing for comfort, we recommend choosing the Optional Thick Foam Padding add-ons to get the most spongy and squishy cush for your tush!

Here are some specific links to style recommendations from our Bubbles Style Experts:

Curves Behind! Padded Half-Slip

Retro Satin Padded Brief

BubbleBuns Padded Boyshort

Caboost! Midrise Padded Panty

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Not Your Mother's Shapewear

In the Spotlight: High-End Highwaist Shaping Short

High-end quality combined with our signature booty-lifting effect = a 
"High End" rear-end! This very special body shaper is made at family-owned factory in the heart of the Italian countryside. Here's what we LOVE about our High-End shaping shorts...
  • Butt-lifting, highwaist, seamless mid-thigh panty
  • Targeted compression lifts the booty
  • High-end manufacturing for long-lasting hold and quality
  • Slims tummy and thighs
  • Highwaist = no muffin tops!
  • Luxuriously seamless & sleek, stretchy fabric
  • Made in Italy
This ultra-comfortable shaping short will smooth tummy while targeted compression creates a dramatic push-up effect under and around the rear-end.

Monday, May 15, 2017

In the Soptlight: Danger! Curves Behind Shaping Slip

Half slip padded panty

Strapless Slip Shaper with Removable Butt Pads

$ 68.00

DANGER! Use caution when wearing...Curves Behind may cause those behind you to loose control!

Bubbles' booty-boosting, body-shaping slip is made with soft yet strong stretch fabric that hugs your curves and holds you in for a sleek profile. But the real kicker is this...removable booty pads that increase curves only where you want them...on the rear.
  • Designed for Bridal gowns and bodycon dresses
  • Perfect under sleek, tight-fitting dresses
  • Firm control body shaper
  • Removable booty pads - choose foam or silicone booty pads
  • Pad pockets that hold pads in place
  • Highwaist for complete body shaping
Ships with foam padding that provides a moderate boost. Optional thick foam pads and/or silicone booty pads can be added. Exclusively Ours.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Make Your Bubbles Last with a Lingerie Wash Bag

Undergarments are far more delicate garments than your favorite Levis! So they need a little extra attention when washing.

And Bubbles Bodywear's Padded Panties and Butt-Lifting Shapewear styles are no exceptions! To ensure your Bubbles® last as long as possible, we recommend hand washing. But if you're like me, just about everything I won goes in the washing machine (albeit delicate cycle at least).  So if this is your M.O., I highly recommend using one of our protective wash bags before throwing your Bubbles in the wash!

And remember, none of our products should ever go in the dryer! Link to our wash bags below:

Large Rectangular Wash Bag

Small Cylinder Wash Bag 

Contributor: Christian C. 
Christian is a Customer Service Specialist here at Bubbles® Bodywear. Many of our Customers know and love her! She has an amazing perspective after years of assisting our Customers. Her blog contributions provide a unique window into the world of Bubbles®!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Re-Blog: A Note from Fashion Blogger Jenn Deleon

I am loving this new underwear brand that I heard about recently from some celebrity stylists that I know. Bubbles Bodywear...they design padded underwear. Yes, padded underwear. It may sound a little, um, different. But the fact is that flat-bottom girls need shapewear too! The website ( is so cute and I love the videos.

For any girl who needs a butt, big or small, Bubbles boasts over 600 combinations of panties and pads that can be customized (ie: you can get whatever size padding you want with whatever style panty you like). Reminds me of the glorious day when stores finally started selling bikini tops and bottom sizes separately. Brilliant! And speaking of, they even have a padded bikini bottom that they say can be worn in the water and no one can tell. I’m going to try it and let you know if it really works! - Jenn Deleon, Stylist

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Best Selling Highrise Padded Panty!

Our Retro Diamond Padded Panty is one of our most popular, best selling padded panties year after year.  Designed with silky-soft materials and a wide comfortable waist band, this panty controls the entire midsection while giving a customizable  boost to the backside. 

How is it customizable? The ingenious pad pockets fit almost any size or type of Bubbles Booty Pads (and that's a lot of booty pads!).  All around the most comfortable highrise padded panty out there!

Here are just a few on the 5 STAR REVIEWS you'll read on at ...

I originally ordered the Victorian bodysuit but I should have sized up so I sent it back and got this panty. I love it! It is very comfortable despite how high it is. I love a BIG bum so I wear the 3-XL silicone butt pad and the thickest foam pad together. The results are amazing my booty looks perfect, it sticks out so much I am obsessed with this look. I recently gained a lot of weight from medication so I decided to embrace it and my new booty gives me so much confidence. I find myself wearing this around the house because I never want to take it off. The only downside is the diamond front is visible under light clothing and the heavy padding shows a bit under some clothing but I am just going to wear boy shorts over if I have to. I just ordered the Victorian bodysuit in my size [X-Large] am looking forward to receiving it. Thank you Bubbles I

-Irene, NJ

My order arrived in 2 days. The XS panties were a perfect fit! Once I put the pads in OMG! Beyond my wildest expectations - I used BOTH sets of pads in size X-L, they fit in the pockets perfectly. My butt went from 31 inches to a plump and round 35 inches!! I recently lost weight rapidly from cancer and chemo and my butt literally deflated. I found your site by accident and I am so glad I did. I am already planning my next order! I told all of my friends and two sent in an order that same day! I had several boxes of clothes that I was giving away because altering them was going to be too difficult. As soon as I tried on my padded panties, I opened all of the boxes and began SNATCHING my favorite pants and skirts out of the boxes to keep for myself - Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!! 

-Reena, GA

I just received my Retro Diamond High Rise Padded Panty and the Silicone pad I bought. I cannot tell you how wonderful this product is. I have worn it under a pencil skirt, light denim jeans, maxi-dress, and shorts, and they looked seamless and natural under all of them.

I walked around, sat down, got up, drove around, and did basically anything a normal Saturday would entail, and did not have any shifting, bunching, or sagging.

I am saving the silicone pad for the dresses, as the padding that comes with the panty is sufficient enough for me. This is a wonderful product!! I am going to be placing an order for anything and everything I can afford. Thank you, THANK YOU!

-Anonymous, Canada

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bubbles on Instagram!

Did you know that we post exclusive images of our products only seen on Instagram, including  Before and after, videos of our products on real people, exclusive product views and behind the scenes images. Follow us at @BubblesBodywear Instagram for these special images, sneak peaks, and IG only coupon offers!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I Want a Kim Kardashian Butt!

As you can imagine, we hear this often! While we can’t quite mold everyone’s body and booty to look like the Kardashian behinds, we do have many padded panties that are designed to provide a very dramatic boost. 

In the FAQ link below, Bubbles' Owner ad Founder Karen Jones breaks down the different solutions for the biggest boost, including both foam and silicone padding.  Take a look to learn which styles would be best for you!

Contributor: Christian C. 
Christian is a Customer Service Specialist here at Bubbles® Bodywear. Many of our Customers know and love her! She has an amazing perspective after years of assisting our Customers. Her blog contributions provide a unique window into the world of Bubbles®!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NY Post Fashion Features Bubbles Bodywear!

It's award show season (Academy Awards, Grammy's, Oscar's, Emmy's...and more),  which means Red Carpets abound! And when Red Carpet season comes around, Bubbles Bodywear is always busy supplying celebrity stylists and doing interviews. Our CEO and Founder Karen Jones spent an hour with NYPost Fashion chatting it up about everything Bubbles....from our 2003 beginnings to our exclusive booty-boosting shapewear collections:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

NY Fashion Week 2017

Fashion is our passion and we are so excited about the many fun trends to choose from this season!   
Form-fitting runway peices like bell-bottoms that hug the booty, smart pencil-leg trousers and super-high-boots with short shorts may chellenge some of us with boy-hips or a diminutive backside. 

But a little extra help from Bubbles Bodywear is all that's needed to make these new, super-trendy fashion-statement look runway-worthy.  Here are a couple of key pieces from our exclusive collection of booty-boosters that will make any new fashion trend “pop”, literally! 

Don’t hesitate to contact us with ANY questions you may have at 1-800-401-5811!  

Now go out there and strut your stuff!

Contributor: Christian C. 
Christian is a Customer Service Specialist here at Bubbles® Bodywear. Many of our Customers know and love her! She has an amazing perspective after years of assisting our Customers. Her blog contributions provide a unique window into the world of Bubbles®!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BunHuggers Booty Lift Seamless Girlshort

In the spotlight!

Let Bubbles Bodywear hug those buns with our new transformative, high-tech panty shaper! Our exclusive, seamless, booty-lift Bunhuggers comfortably lifts the backside while disappearing under almost any outfit. And not only that, this innovative panty can actually improve the look of your skin with Emana® yarn!

  • Booty lift girlshort
  • Features Bubbles' signature booty-lift effect
  • Moderate control for all-day comfort
  • Super-soft, seamless, Italian-made fabric
  • Foldover flat leg and waist seams
  • Has earned the Emana® Conformity Certificate through testing and certification
  • Integrated bio-ceramic crystals increase micro-circulation
  • Made in Italy
If you didn't already know, Bubbles signature booty lift Collection works like a push-up bra for your it's ALL YOU...only perkier!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Retail Therapy

Retail therapy brought to you by!

Who doesn’t need a little retail therapy every once in a while?!  Great news, Bubbles Bodywear always has some sort of special or deal for all of our customers at all times of the day!  Check out the Specials page of our website for padded panties on sale and deals on our butt-lifting shapewear. Or sign up for our email list to get a 10% off coupon code in your inbox!

And don't forget about our Free Standard Shipping on top of all that too!

Contributor: Christian C. 
Christian is a Customer Service Specialist here at Bubbles® Bodywear. Many of our Customers know and love her! She has an amazing perspective after years of assisting our Customers. Her blog contributions provide a unique window into the world of Bubbles®!

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