Thursday, April 20, 2017

Re-Blog: A Note from Fashion Blogger Jenn Deleon

I am loving this new underwear brand that I heard about recently from some celebrity stylists that I know. Bubbles Bodywear...they design padded underwear. Yes, padded underwear. It may sound a little, um, different. But the fact is that flat-bottom girls need shapewear too! The website ( is so cute and I love the videos.

For any girl who needs a butt, big or small, Bubbles boasts over 600 combinations of panties and pads that can be customized (ie: you can get whatever size padding you want with whatever style panty you like). Reminds me of the glorious day when stores finally started selling bikini tops and bottom sizes separately. Brilliant! And speaking of, they even have a padded bikini bottom that they say can be worn in the water and no one can tell. I’m going to try it and let you know if it really works! - Jenn Deleon, Stylist

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