Saturday, February 9, 2019

5 Rules for Wearing Butt Pads

Bubbles Bodywear's Owner and Lead Designer, Karen Jones, styles our Bootiful Padded Boyshort with our patent-pending Polygon Lite Silicone Butt Pads under a slim-fitting dress, a tight pencil skirt and a pair of seamless leggings. See what to do (and what to NOT do) when wearing butt pads to ensure that no one will know your butt pad secret!

The product in the video can be found here: Bootiful Full-back Padded Boyshort - The No-Panty-Line Padded Panty

Rule #1
Choose Bubbles Bodywear Butt Pads for the most realistic booty pad designs.

Rule #2
Choose butt pads made of silicone for thinner edges. Thin pad edges are concealed better by our pocket-panties (and by your clothing), resulting in a super-realistic undetectable booty boost. 

Rule #3
It's all about proportion. If padding is proportional to your figure, it will look more realistic.

Rule #4
Wear Bubbles' Butt Pads inside our pocket-panties (panties we design specifically for our booty pads) to hold them securely in place on the body. Or choose one of our Sticky Buns or Sticky Hips padding styles that feature adhesive to hold the pads in place against your shapewear or clothing.  Wearing booty pads or hip pads inside your own undies or pantyhose will inevitably result in the pads moving around and/or completely falling out. Yikes!

Rule #5
All above rules apply to wearing Hip Pads too!