Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why We Design Padded Panties

Since 2003 Bubbles Bodywear has been specializing in designing, developing and testing innovative  curve-enhancing shapewear solutions. This is our specialty and our passion - not just to design padded panties, but to make products that help people.

For those who have never tried Bubbles Bodywear (or don't need a booty boost), this may sound a bit odd...how can padded underwear "help people"?

Ask Dennis who left us a voice mail telling us that his purchase from us has been "life-changing". Or the man who phoned to thank us because his wife, who had undergone surgery to remove one of her buttocks due to cancer, now feels confident and happy for the first time in years.

For all our customers, from those who want to fill-out a wedding gown to those who use our products as a prosthetic, we have designed our collections over the years withe the widest range of people in mind. This is why most of our padded panties are customizable in the size and shape of butt pads that can be worn.

We encourage anyone shopping our website to submit feedback and product suggestions so that we may continue to develop cutting-edge shapewear that meets the needs of both the few and the many.

We write this post with the utmost respect for our Customers who have made us who we are today and who continuously inspire us to improve and create!


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