Friday, June 20, 2014

Customer Feedback of the Day!

This is great seriously, don't even have second thoughts about purchasing (I was unsure for ages). I know this is quite long but I didn't feel the other reviews gave enough information as I'd have liked to help me out with the stressful situation of buying online.

I ordered to wear to prom so could look good next to my BOOTIful (aha) friends, also my dress would look WAAAY better with curves. I was sooo worried it wouldn't arrive (if it didn't I wouldn't have went prom) but it arrived ON the day of prom! Lucky right? Took 10 days (standard delivery) from America to UK, I had read a review of someone who got it from USA to UK in 5 days so I was expecting earlier delivery, but I don't mind cause I got it in time for the event.

I purchased Bootiful Padded Boyshorts in Black, size: large (I was advised to buy a size up from my normal), with the addition of the optional thick pads (also in thick) this was THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE (so far - only 16) I haven't even tried on the standard pads, the thick pads are PERFECT!! Not as thick as I though they would be (that's a good thing - I want to be natural looking). The shorts are a lil big as in the leg holes don't exactly fit around my legs (bit baggy) and seam lines show in delicate material (like my prom dress) but to fix that I just wore my regular panties over - easy fix.

What else do I need to add? Oh, my baggy, slightly too big, boyfriend jeans now look AWESOME!
Although my measurements sound balanced (with my bust and hips being equal) it is far from the truth, with my shoulders being too wide my hips look tiny (like an inverted triangle - LIKE A MAN), if another girl/woman's reading this and thinking THIS IS ME well don't worry it's my personal thing to not like wide shoulders and no hips (I look weird), you on the other hand my darling may be rocking it! Anyway having who ass with no hips do not help the inverted triangle look so I needed an ass to look decent(er), and until I can convince my parents for surgery for an ass, BUBBLES IS PERFECT!! Thank you!!

Price isn't really a problem but when I was deliberating on whether I should purchase an ass I was thinking it'd be £70+ ($118.76+) but it only cost less than half (in not sure if I'm allowed to say how much it cost :/) - bare in mind that's with shipping and paying extra for quick handling, shocking (in a good way)!
I was told by so many my ass looked good in the dress (everyone knows I have no ass (because I complained about it soo much!) so it was a shock to them that my ass looked nice in a outfit so they thought it was the dress), I've never felt so great, except It was nerve wrecking worrying someone would realize, I can't tell people it's fake because kids my age are so judgmental nowadays -_-. No one noticed - well not that I know of. It was sooo uncomfortable to walk but that's cause my heels were ridiculously high and its got nothing to do with the panties. Please, trust me, PURCHASE AWAY!! You'll love it!

"I prefer people thinking my booti is real so I'm staying anonymous"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We're hiring!

BubblesBodywear is hiring! Bubbles Bodywear is a small but growing company seeking a positive, passionate, nice-to-the-core, experienced and reliable Customer Service Specialist to provide exceptional customer, shipping and sales support. 

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Monday, June 2, 2014


It's officially summer 2014! Time to start shopping for your beach garb!

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