Friday, March 11, 2016

Customer Feedback of the Day: Bella Bottom Booty-Lifting Tights

Shortly after introducing our Bella Bottom Booty-Lift Tights, it became one of our immediate best selling butt lifters! And a few months later we introduced the Bella Bottom Footless style.

This is one of my favorite customer comments about this, my new personal favorite, Bubbles® booty lifter!
First product I tried was the High-End Highwaist Shaping Legging and the butt lifting effect was incredible! They literally lift my butt up and give the support to my tummy without pressing too hard. The quality is amazing as the product feels so soft but still does what it promises! The other product I want to praise is the Bella Bottom Shaping Tights. Simply the best tights I have ever worn by far! In my work I wear everyday black tights so I have a lot of experience of other brands as well but these are just something else. The fabric of the tights is excellent, the fit is perfect, they don't roll down from the waist and shape without pressuring too much. Actually when I wear them I don't even remember I'm having shaping tights. Thank you very much for these products, I can't wait for my new order to arrive :)

-Marisa, FI (Size: Small)