Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Featured in The New York Times Today!

What a pleasant surprise! A customer called this morning to order our Sticky Buns, telling us that she learned about Bubbles Bodywear in a funny article that she read in the New York Times today!

"Reeeeeally? Whuuuuut?" we said.

So we looked of course....and there was our brand and several of our Bubbles products mentioned in a "Booming" article as part of the "I was Misinformed" column series by Joyce Wadler.

I'm personally tickled pink as the New York Times, to me personally, is an iconic publication  and the go-to paper rag for any self-respecting newshound.

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Joyce Wadler is the author of “Cured: My Ovarian Cancer Story.”  Ms. Wadler can be followed on Facebook at and on Twitter at @joyce_wadler.