Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Heroes

This blog post is a tribute to all our cancer-fighters and survivors out there. Over the last 10 years that Bubbles has been in business, we have received moving feedback like the story listed below. To Pammy and all our heroes who are fighting the fight...you are the bravest people we know.

"I was not blessed with much of backside, then two years ago I was diagnosised with cancer, I went from 172 lbs at 5'10 in height down to 98 lbs and needless to say I was embarassed to even go out...now that I have been blessed with feeling much better, but unable to gain much weight back now only 122 lbs, I decided to try this product with the thick removable foam pads! I so love this product it has given me back some of my confidence! They look very natural! I will continue to order from your company in the future!

...All my life I have been tall and slim at 5"10 and 172 lbs I was still thin..(all legs)lol..in March 2010 I was diagnosed with Cancer, I took Chemo and Radiation, with many many side effects, developed a rare blood disease TTP, Congestive Heart Failure, End Stage Kidney Disease, Gastroparesis...I went from 172 lbs down to 95 lbs..fighting for my life. my cancer is now in remission, I am off dialysis after 11 months 3 days a week four hours each day...needless to say I didn't have much backside prior to my illness but with all the weight loss, I really lost what backside I had, I feel embarrassed to go out in public much due to so much weight loss and finding clothes to fit me...I use to wear a size 8/10 now I am in a size 4...am back up to 122 lbs from 95lbs...but I still need at least to gain 30 more lbs and can't seem to get there so I thought that I would order some of your products to see if that would build my confidence some and it has...I go out when my health allows me to do so and I have so much more confidence" 

- Pammy K. from Kentucky 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Privacy is Everything

It amazes me what I see online today. People, particularly the younger generation, post anything and everything on the internet about their lives, both in words and in pictures. When scanning Facebook I can learn more than I ever want to know about the lives about complete strangers. 

Combined with other social networking sites and online directories, one can easily find out where most people live, the names of many of their relatives, their birth dates, the cat they lost last month and what kind of car they're selling on Craigslist.

If you watch the ID channel or the nightly news, you know that there are a million reasons to keep your private life just that...private. From identity thieves to people who are simply out to do harm to others, today more than ever, our privacy is the most precious and important thing we possess.

That's why we here at Bubbles Bodywear protect our customer information with fervor and conviction.

NO LOGOS: We appreciate that not everyone wants their loved ones or co-workers to know that they are buying shapewear! So our packages are discreet. When we ship an order, we ship it in a plain package, with no Bubbles logos or markings. The return address simply lists a street name, and no company name.

NO SELLING: And under no circumstance do we sell customer information to anyone. Due to the popularity of our website, we are frequently approached by marketing companies and other online retailers asking if we sell our mailing list. And the answer is always a resounding NO! You have entrusted your personal information to us, and we protect that data with a a passion.

NO SPAM: We don't like to get spam so we don't give it! We won't invade your email box with a barrage of weekly emails like many retailers. If you trust us with your email address, we won't abuse that honor. We only send emails to announce a sale or new products, usually  no more than 1 or 2 times per month.

"NO-CIAL" MEDIA: We frequently post pertinent product and company information about Bubbles Bodywear on our Facebook page, on Twitter and several other social media outlets. It's a great way for us to reach out to our customers. And we hope that all our friends will participate on our social forums to help other customers learn about Bubbles and our products. But under no circumstance do we reach out to customers directly via social media. We feel that this common practice is a violation of customer privacy.

In conclusion, I hope that someday soon social media will mature into a safe online community where people of all ages are vigilant about protecting their private information. But until then, here at Bubbles, we will do our part in keeping our customers safe!

Happy browsing!
your #1 Bubbles Girl

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