Thursday, July 26, 2018

Bubbles With Your Festival Garb

Festivals are all about music, art, fashion and for the hotter months, there's usually a lot of skin showing.

We usually look much better at the beginning of the day than we do by the time we're heading home! But as long as we get some good selfies early-on in the day (while we're still lookin' pretty and fresh), that's all that matters ;)!

Here at Bubbles we've seen our share of festivals. Everyone on our team has contributed valuable nuggets of advice to this blog post. Some are tips for the best Bubbles to wear under your festival outfits. Others are just good tips to make your day(s) more comfy while looking your best:

  1. When wearing short shorts, grab our Lite Silicone Bubbles booty pads.We recommend pairing them with our BubbleBuns Bikini Panty. These padded undies have a small profile that will disappear even under short shorts. And our Lite Silicone is more comfortable in warmer weather (compared to our Traditional Silicone Booty Pads).

  2. Evey girl needs a good pair of nipple covers for festival halter and tube tops, body paint or whatever you dare to wear. Try our water-resistant Everyday Pasties. With a special type of adhesive and material, these concealers stick better and longer in sweaty conditions.

  3. Any outdoor event inevitably and regrettably involves a porta-potty. Come prepared with disinfectant hand wipes, because you won't have a sink, soap and running water available to you when you exit. Wipes that smell nice are an added bonus. And if you have space in your bag or pockets, a pack of tissues is a good idea too - TP runs out quick (if ever stocked at all).

  4. If your outfit doesn't have secure pockets, bring a lightweight drawstring backpack. Shoulder bags can be stolen, forgotten or left behind easily in all the fun and mayhem.

  5. Be safe. Keep good track of your drinks, and if possible, buy/carry drinks in a cup or bottle  with a lid. Don't give anyone an opportunity to slip an unwanted drug in your drink.

  6. Get a small tube of sunscreen. A sunburn makes a hangover even worse.

  7. Rain possible? Bring some re-closable plastic baggies to protect anything you want to keep dry.

  8. Don't forget to eat food and drink water. Drinking alcohol (especially beer) may make you feel full. And without water to hydrate and food to soak up the booze, the next day will not be a good one. We also like hangover patches to get needed vitamins without taking a pill.

  9. Make sure your phone has a full charge. If you have space, bring an solar powered charger. Or just plan to not use your phone much during the day to preserve your battery of you really need to use your phone. Better yet - leave your good phone at home and get a burner for the day.

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    Tuesday, July 10, 2018


    Dare to bare with Bubbles Everyday Pasties! If you like to show some skin, or you just want dim the headlights in your bikini, halter or tank tops, our water resistant nipple covers are a must-have!  

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