Thursday, February 10, 2011

Visit our new eBay Outlet Store!

Bubbles Bodywear's new outlet store is open on eBay! While we've always had an outlet store on eBay, we frankly didn't give it the TLC that it deserved. But we have recently revamped and redesigned the store, adding lots of new bargains for both our loyal customers and all those eBay shoppers who are new to the Bubbles brand.

What you will find on the Bubbles Bodywear eBay Outlet store...

  1. Clearance items: These are items that we have decided to discontinue from our website collection. They may be discontinued because they did not sell as well as we hoped or because they are being replaced with a new and improved version of a similar product design. Most clearance listings will explain why the product is on clearance. These listings are usually Final Sale.
  2. Overstocked products: Overstocked items are usually sizes or colors that haven't sold as well as we thought they would. We made too many so we need to sell them at a discount to make room for new inventory.
  3. Irregular/Defective bargains: Sometimes items will arrive from the factory with small marks  from factory equipment (like grease from a sewing machine), pen marks or with slight damage from shipping. All irregular or damaged items are clearly described and photographed so that each listing fully discloses the problems with the garment. These listings are usually Final Sale. 
  4. Sample Sale: These are usually one-of-a-kind items. They are new factory or designer samples for which we only have one item per size or color. While they are "New", they are usually without tags/packaging because they are factory or brand samples.
  5. Value items: We have found that some shoppers would prefer to buy moderate quality at low prices so that they may be able to afford the things that they need. So, while some brands or products may not meet our quality standards and therefore cannot be sold on our website at, we will instead make them available in our Outlet store.
All eBay listings detail the shipping costs for that item and the return Policy for that listing. Please note that not all listings have the same shipping or return policies.

Here are a few sample listings:

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Product Alert! The Tush Cush Padded Brief...

The Tush Cush is the perfect panty for a bony butt! In fact, we added the Tush Cush to the Bubbles Bodywear collection of padded underwear for all our customers who have called over the years complaining of pain and discomfort when sitting for long periods of time.

From taxi drivers to those who spend hours sitting in wheelchairs or on hard surfaces at work, we have heard your cries and we've found an answer! The Tush Cush is a "pocket panty" with removable booty padding that reaches just below and under the "cheek area". The deep pad pockets and extra long oval pads will provide cushion when sitting (because the pad is positioned lower on the body than in most of our other padded panty designs). 

Check it out here:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sarah McManus Styling: Bubbles and Bodywear

Sarah McManus Styling: Bubbles and Bodywear

Bubbles Bodywear is THE Stylists' Secret!

Did you know that Bubbles Bodywear is used by some of the biggest and most prominent stylists in Hollywood and New York? Not only have our products been used on photo shoots for French Vogue (above), German Vogue, Vanity Fair and V Magazine, they are a favorite on movie sets like Book of Eli to make leading ladies fill out their designer jeans on film.

Sarah McManus, fashion stylist, wardrobe consultant and freelance fashion writer, loves our Bubbles so much that she writes about them in her fashion savvy blog: