Friday, July 7, 2017

Sticky Buns® Booty Pads from Bubbles Bodywear

-->Here at Bubbles® we offer two main categories of booty padding:

Removable booty pads that must be worn inside our Pocket-Panties to hold the pads in place on the body.
Adhesive, removable booty pads that can be worn inside your own underwear or clothing.

The advantage to our Sticky Buns® is that they can be worn inside your own snug-fitting pants or shapewear. This means that they are extremely versatile, capable of being placed in any position on your body to create the most realistic boost. Offered in several sizes and thicknesses, as well as in foam, silicone and even a Sticky Hips® Pad version, Bubbles has a pair of Sticky Buns® for you!

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