Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bubbles for Boys!

Women aren't the only ones with small butt insecurity -- men also long to have a booty that turns heads. We here at Bubbles Bodywear haven't forgotten about you boys! We have a variety of booty boosters and body slimmers to help you with all of your problem areas. We have Enhancing Underwear, products built for Jock Comfort, Top Half Slimmers, products with Lumbar Support and great sale items.

As we are known predominantly for our booty boosting products, this blog post will give you a preview of some of our most popular padded men's undies:

One of our most popular butt boosting products are the BoyBubbles Men's Padded Trunk. This enhancement trunk has a low-rise waistline, pre-shrunk stretch fabric and realistic shape. The low-rise style and high-cut leg line means that this trunk can be worn under just about anything without showing. They also feature a unique patent-pending hidden interior pad pockets so no one will know that there's padding on the derriere (even if someone sees you only in your briefs). In addition, they have a hidden inner front pocket that will hold one of our optional jock pads for a bigger looking bulge!

Another popular booty booster for men is The Jackpot!  This masculine and comfortable enhancing brief cures the flat-physique syndrome for any man who might need a shape, size or confidence boost. The secret of this padded underwear for men is its hidden pad pockets in the front and back of the brief, which hide the removable pads perfectly. Wear the back pads only, the front pad only, or wear all the pads at the same time for a robust profile. With its silky fabric, sleek styling and choice of padding types, possibilities abound for any man who wants to round-out their profile with sophistication and masculinity. 

The Men's Double-O Butt Lifter offers butt-boosting power without the use of any pads. This masculine style lifts, defines and separates to create the ultimate bubble-butt.  It features enhanced compression material that shapes the abdomen while pushing the butt cheeks up and out -- instantly creating a nice rounded derriere and is available in 2 styles: Front Padded Pouch and Front Pouch Enhancer.

And this is just a small sampling of the many problem-solving underwear solutions for offer for men. Visit us at LoveMyBubbles.com/Mens-Shapewear to see our complete line of men's shapewear!

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