Monday, April 9, 2012

Problem area? We've got your solution!

Everyone has an area (or two) of their body that they want to improve. At Bubbles Bodywear, we have products for every body issue! Read on to see how to improve your problem area.

Low Butt:

Ah, gravity. It's not always our friend. When we get older, things start to droop south. It's the natural order of things, of course, but we don't have to like it! That's why Bubbles offers The Can-Can Padded Panty. This mid-rise panty has oval pads that sit higher on the body that most other padded panties and gives the illusion of a perky bottom. 

Belly and Flat Booty:

In need of a flat belly and a rounder booty?
Our Foxy Fanny Original Silicone Padded Panties flatten out the lower abdomen and give a nice rounding effect to your booty. The panties have a midrise waistline with spandex and nylon mesh controls for your tummy and silicone pads for your backside.   

Muffin Top and Small Butt:

Like the look of fitted pants, but hate the look of the muffin top that pours out the top? Wish your butt looked more bodacious? Check out the Perfect Padded Panty. The high waistline goes up and over the belly to prevent the dreaded muffin top and the panties contain 1/2-inch concave shaped pads that fit snugly against your cheeks. The pads give your butt a noticeable, but still natural-looking boost.

Thick Tummy and Lack of Curves:

Looking for a strong mid-tummy flattener that gives dramatic hourglass curves? Check out our popular Caboost! Padded Panty! It has a flat-front waist cinching band that goes across the tummy and the back and creates the look of a tiny waist. The booty pads are 2 inches big and will give you the curves you have always dreamed of!

Bra Bulge/Back Fat:

Do your fitted shirts look great from the front, but not from the back? Bubbles can help you cure that Bra Bulge with our Control Bra with Back Support. The wireless control bra offers strong support up front and an x-shaped reinforcement in the back to smooth you out and give you good posture. We also have an Underwire Bralette that has a high back band that eliminates those dreaded bra lines and bulges. In addition, it has high underarm coverage to give an extra slimming effect. The Bralette has an underwire for great shaping. 

Plumber Butt:

Do you love how you look in jeans, but hate how the waistline gaps and never sits firmly against your body? Try the Hollywood Hip Hugger. It has a hidden belt that attaches to the loops of jeans and other pants and pulls your waistline taut so your pants have a smooth, flat front.

These are just a few of our fashion fixes. You could spend hours at finding amazing products to help you look and feel more confident and sexy!

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