Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 5 Reasons NOT To Get Butt Augmentation Surgery

Through the last decade, the popularity of butt augmentation surgery
has skyrocket-ed. It’s really not too shocking a statistic considering all the celebs currently revered for their bodacious backsides. After all, Hollywood stars help set the biggest fashion trends out there.

And leading this shapely-booty trend since 2003, Bubbles Bodywear is the first shapewear company in the world to focus on the industry of derriere enhancement. We offer a variety of products to naturally boost the look of your bottom. Women and men LOVE our products, however there are still those out there thinking about surgery. This article is for them!

Our Top 5 of Reasons NOT to go under the knife:

5. Styles change
In the 1980s it was chic to be athletic, in the ’90s it was all about
the waif look (aka heroin chic) and in the 2000s, its been all about
curves. Why get something so permanent when style is so fickle. . .

4. No guarantees
We’ve seen pics of celebs with botched boob jobs (Hello, Tara Reid). Imagine what can happen to a body part that you sit on all day! We’ve also heard about implants feeling rock hard. After surgery, you have no guarantees  that your booty will feel real (not to mention the concern of bursting and breakage). Those who use the fat transfer procedure to boost their butts are also offered no guarantees for the safety of the procedure or how long the effects will last. More risks include bleeding, scarring and numbness.

3. Money
Surgery is not cheap! It’s a lot more affordable to buy Bubbles' butt boosting
undies ( we even offer many quality enhancement styles for under $25 ) than to buy a whole new butt - which can start as high as $3000.00.

2.  Surgery is not always safe
There could be serious and scary complications...and even death. There are far too many horribly disturbing stories in the news about this type of surgery, including the death of a former Miss Argentina who died from complications from a butt augmentation surgery.

1. You have Bubbles!
Bubbles Bodywear has been designing and manufacturing enhancing shapewear since 2003. We've been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, V Magazine (and so many more) over the years for creating “booty bras” for the purpose of lifting the derriere, as well as our robust collection of stylish padded underwear to more dramatically increase the size and shape of the rear-end.

So try one of our many high-quality, affordable and safe booty-enhancing panty styles for your derriere improvement!

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