Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brazilian Booty Panty Now Available in a 2-PACK!

Don't care for boyshort-style padded underwear or full coverage butt lifters? Prefer something more on the skimpy side? Then give your rump a bump with our new Bump-on-a-Rump padded panties in a sexy Brazilian string bikini cut! This padded string bikini panty offers a subtle little boost to your bottom.

The crescent-shaped booty pads are made of durable foam and are built into the panty (not removable) in the upper-middle portion of the buttocks. Pads add up to 1 inch of volume at their thickest point. This enhancing Brazilian-style panty is ideal for those who want a noticeable but not too dramatic secret boost in a discreet style panty.


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