Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fashion Fixes - Advice for TOO LOOOOONG JEANS

I'm not a short girl, but every time I try on jeans it seems like they're about 5 inches too long. I don't know who, expect maybe Elle McPhereson, could buy any of these jeans and wear them right off the rack! So I frequently cut my less expensive jeans purchases with a fabric cutting tool to shorten them (I like the frayed, do-it-yourself look). If they're expensive jeans however, I take them to a seamstress.

But if you cut the hem of pants or jeans, use Dritz® Fray Check to prevent further fraying and shortening in the wash or dryer. Fray Check will "glue" the end fibers together (and will prevent the un-seamed jeans from rolling up at the heel). Very neat trick!

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