Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bubbles Bodywear donates 576 women's panty briefs to Fashion Delivers (a $17280.00 value). The undergarments will go directly to women in Japan who have lost their homes and possessions due to the earthquake and tsunami.

Fashion Delivers is an organization that donates clothing to to aid victims of disasters in need and are initiating an intensive product drive to supply apparel and home goods to the affected area. Japan currently needs the following products for men and women in smaller sizes: underwear, socks, t-shirts, sweaters, activewear, jeans, pants and coats of any kind. Additionally, they have a significant need for sheets, towels and blankets.

If you can help, please contact Fashion Delivers at 646-786-2680 or email to coordinate a pick up. To learn more about Fashion Delivers visit there website at

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