Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As Seen on TV: Get an Instant Booty with the new Insta-Booty!

Bubbles Bodywear announces the launch of its new sub-brand, the Insta-Booty Derriere Enhancement Underwear! The Insta-Booty is everything a woman needs to enhance her backside all in one box set.

When we look great, we feel great! And Insta-Booty Padded Underwear creates spectacular curves under clothes. The Insta-Booty Padded Panty helps "flat-bottom girls" look proportional and pretty!

Padded underwear has been around for many years but the Insta-Booty has perfected the design, comfort and padding options to make a realistic-looking booty enhancement panty set all in one shapewear purchase.

Whether you are the woman who has never had a booty or the woman who HAD a great booty, but lost it due to time, gravity, having babies, illness or even medication, the Insta-Booty Padded Panty is the perfect, comfortable and affordable solution for all booty-less ladies who want to be booty-ful!

About Insta-Booty

While the Bubbles Bodywear brand is marketed specifically to Contemporary, Better, Bridge and Designer tiers and is available only in select online stores and Contemporary to Bridge boutiques, the Insta-Booty brand will be available to Budget or Mass Market to Moderate and Big-box Retailers.

The Insta-Booty is the creation of Bubbles Bodywear owners and designers, meant to provide an all-in-one solution to for boosting the booty. One purchase in a retail store or on a website will allow a customer to get, all in one simple purchase: a Nude panty, a Black panty, 3 sets of booty pads in thin and thick as well as a lingerie wash bag to care for the Insta-Booty panties.

Buy the Insta-Booty at: http://www.insta-booty.com/

Watch the Insta-Booty Commercial: http://www.insta-booty.com/infomercial

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