Monday, September 24, 2012

The NEW Retro Diamond Highrise Padded Panty

Retro Padded Panty
Retro Diamond Highrise Padded Underwear
Introducing the newest addition to our Retro Padded Panty Collection: high-quality, high-design derriere enhancers™. The Retro Collection incorporates sumptuous fabrics, hourglass curvature and ultra-feminine silhouettes to create a beautiful balance between shapewear and elegant lingerie.

  • Sophisticated, sleek diamond-shaped panels flatten and smooth the tummy and hips while a wide, comfy waistband prevents rolling at the waist. 
  • Concave-shaped derriere pads cup the cheeks and fit securely in each hidden pad pocket to prevent shifting during wear. 
  • Pad pockets are hidden to prevent visible pad lines and to ensure that no one will know that you are wearing padded underwear
  • Pads are removable for convenient washing. Exclusively Bubbles®.

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