Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spotlight on Customer Reviews

"I was not blessed with much of backside, then two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, I went from 172 lbs at 5'10 in height down to 98 lbs and needless to say I was embarrassed to even go out...now that I have been blessed with feeling much better, but unable to gain much weight back now only 122 lbs, I decided to try this product with the thick removable foam pads! I so love this product it has given me back some of my confidence!They look very natural! I will continue to order from your company in the future!" -Pammy

This customer's feedback is about our BubbleBuns BIKINI-style Padded Panty

We want to thank our customer's for taking the time to submit their feedback so that new shoppers may better choose the right product for thier individual needs. 

We value our customers and the feedback they submit for the continuing growth and betterment of Bubbles Bodywear! 

Karen, Bubbles CEO & Founder 

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