Monday, June 3, 2013

Customer: Review of the Day

This is one of our favorite feedback submissions to date from one of our customers!

"To the Manager,
I have a complaint about Pria & Anna. These girls are too nice.  Yes, you read that correctly.  They were so courteous on the phone and professional when I asked dozens of questions before making the purchase, they should both be complimented.
I wanted desperately to look great at my son's wedding. When the package did not arrive I started to panic, that is when Anna mailed  out my purchase & it arrived at 5:10PM on Friday and I was going to the rehearsal dinner in an hour. I was thrilled, first that it finally arrived and second how my tushie looked in my dress. Thank you both for my hot, sexy appearance in my black dress, my son said his friends all commented at how great I looked. THANK YOU to the person responsible for hiring Pria and Anna. I wish they get some sort of recognition for their efforts. Again, thank you.
[order number] shipped on 5-15-13 UPS arrived on 5-17-13 wedding 5-18-13 cutting it close. Anna promised it wold arrive on time, she was correct."

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