Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Is Imitation REALLY the sincerest form of flattery?

When I first started Bubbles Bodywear in 2003, I was alone in the booty-boosting business, launching my first three patented booty bras. I figured my way through a maze of challenges that most small business owners do not encounter (like introducing a brand new product to market that no one even knew existed!). I was one of the only companies (people) out there designing my own products, designing and building my own website, managing the manufacturing to ensure quality and effectiveness, shipping orders, answering customer calls and emails...and so much more!

I loved solving all the problems, big and small, that came my way (and I still do). There was no how-to book or blog to refer to. It was all trial and error.

Today, entrepreneurs have so many wonderful tools at their fingertips to help them accomplish what was such a struggle only 12 years ago! But having tools like iphones, video cameras and Photoshop does not instill someone with creativity. And those people without creativity look to those with the originality, inventiveness and talent for inspiration.

So when I seem frustrated about these people or, old, big and small alike, my husband reminds me that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and that I should be proud that we (Bubbles Bodywear) have become the standard for all companies wanting to sell booty bras and padded underwear. But what really comforts me is that these imitators can't copy our personality, imagination or vision . We have seen these imitators come and go over the years and we know that there will always be more. That's just business. But I am assured that noone will ever have the passion that I have for innovation and quality, or the dedication that I have to our customers!

So all of our customers (and future new customers) can be 100% confident that when buying from Bubbles Bodywear, you are buying from pioneers - the inventors of the first-ever booty bra and the re-inventors of padded shapewear!

~Karen Jones, CEO, Bubbles Bodywear

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