Thursday, October 8, 2015

Customer Quote of the Day

A new customer called us today and told us that she... "called Spanx and asked if they had panties with pads and the lady told me that they no longer carry padded shapewear then told me to call Bubbles Bodywear".

Our new Customer went on to say that she couldn't believe it, and assumed that we must somehow be affiliated with Spanx (which we aren't).

Now, we couldn't say if Spanx has an official Customer Service policy to direct customers who need padding to Bubbles Bodywear. Perhaps it was a rogue Spanx employee who took it upon herself to direct the customer to us out of selflessness and a genuine willingness to help their Customer. But either way, we're happy to hear that Spanx (or at least an employee there) knows that Bubbles is the #1 brand for padded shapewear!


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