Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Padded Panty Style from Bubbles Bodywear!

Brand Spankin' New Padded Panty design now available at And we're introducing this new panty/pad set just in time for your New Year celebration (or order soon and get it before December 25th even)!

Our brand-new exclusive BEHIND THE SEAMS Highwaist Padded Panty slims the waist all the way up to the bra line to control, smooth and slim the entire torso. And of course the most important feature of all Bubbles' padded panties is the booty padding! Our regular customers will notice that this is the long-awaited higher-rise version of our already popular Behind the Seams "Original" Midwaist Padded Panty.

The Behind The Seams styles are a little different than most Bubbles' padded panties. These padded panties are designed to be paired with removable Oval foam pads, while many of our padded shapewear styles that feature removable booty pads are designed with round padding.

What's the difference you ask? On most people, Oval Booty Pads give a dramatic boost - creating what some call a "shelf"! This effect results in a higher boost that makes the booty look as if it starts higher-up on the cheek and closer to the lower back.

But as with all of our panty/pad sets (pocket panties with removable padding), these pocket panties are customizable. Customers can choose to wear any of our round booty pads in the pad pockets instead of the oval pads that come with the panty. The round booty pads will give a different-looking boost (usually more subtle) on most body types.

When purchasing online, you will notice that you can add thicker Oval booty pads (for a bigger boost) to your order. You can also add our Traditional Silicone Butt Pads to your purchase. The silicone material has a real feel and a round shape. The advantage to silicone is that it will feel like an extension of your own body. And the round shape gives a different kind of boost....a bit more subtle than the Oval pads. Simply add the Silicone option to your order for the Behind The Seams to get both the Oval and the round Silicone pads in your order. With both the Oval and round pads styles, you'll have 2 different looks (and feels) in one great padded panty set!

What a great reason to treat yourself to a brand new booty boost for your holiday celebrations!

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