Thursday, October 20, 2016

Which Bubbles Should I Buy?

Can’t decide which Bubbles to buy?  Are you going back and forth trying to decide between a couple of styles? Well fret no longer! We have knowledgeable representatives that are very experienced, available by phone, chat or email. We can help you narrow your choices to ensure that you get the best product for your shapewear goals.  However, for those shoppers who prefer, we also offer many self-help tools on our website. 

For example, check out this chart that compares many of our shapewear styles and categories in detail:

Our FAQ and these comparison charts can be very helpful when deciding between two or three different styles.
For those who want a padded boost,our "I Heart Curves" Padded Panty (above) is a popular choice!

For Bubbles beginners, check out our super-helpful "First Time Shoppers" blog post!


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