Thursday, March 4, 2010

Karen's Korner...My New Favorite Product!

Sometimes we add a product to our website that I (Karen...Owner and Founder of Bubbles Bodywear) personally love and would no want to go without. Recently, we found one of those products...Eucalan's No-rinse Lingerie Wash for delicates.

This natural laundry detergent is not only an effective cleansing soap for your delicates, it's kind to Mother Nature too. The ingredients in the detergent are eco-friendly and non-toxic but are also powerful cleansers. Perfect for all your Bubbles padded panties, bras and other lingerie. Lanolin in Eucalan and the essential oils used to scent the soap act as natural cleansers and fabric softeners, also helping to prevent static cling.

Perfect for all your Bubbles Padded Panties, Bras and Butt Lifters!

Phosphate free, biodegradable, non-toxic, petro-chemical free, recyclable plastic bottle, eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning...a whole new spin on laundry!

Click here to purchase Eucalan's Lingerie Soap!

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