Monday, February 6, 2012

Giving the Gift of a Bubbles® Booty

The big question on our minds this week…can you give the gift of booty for Valentine’s Day?

The answer is YES...and no! The key is stop and think for a moment about the person who might be receiving the curve enhancing panty present.

If your significant other always complains or jokes about his or her impossibly flat butt, or if their small or gravity-stricken booty is the topic of conversation more often than not, the giving the gift of booty is the best present you can give!

In fact, these people are perfect candidates for the gift of padded panties. Why? Because if they are frequently verbalizing their flat-tush challenges, then they are likely not shy or defensive about their flat bottom. A gift of booty would make them giggle when they open it, and hug you after they try them on!

On the other hand, we advise that Bubbles® should not be gifted to anyone who has not asked for, hinted about or otherwise VERY CLEARLY indicated that butt or bra padding is what they want for their Valentine’s Day gift!

Need help? Give us a call and one of our highly trained Customer Service representatives will be happy to offer situation-specific advice!

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