Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michelle Williams will look Bootiful at the Oscars

Best actress nominee Michelle Williams admitted to the press that she had to use some padding to create the exaggerated curves for her role as Marilyn Monroe. We here at Bubbles Bodywear are experts of padded undergarments and have some suggestions on how Williams can work her signature sweet vintage style at the Oscars, but also add an element of “Marilyn” to her look. She can wear our Bootiful Padded Boyshort!

Our Bootiful Padded Boyshorts allow an easy and painless transition from regular undies or thongs to padded underwear with its sleek and sexy profile. A choice of thin or thick pads also makes it a versatile and sexy option. Because there is no elastic around the leg hole (like the BubbleBunsBoyshorts), this style is more comfortable for women who have thicker or more muscular thighs.
By adding sexy curves to her look with our padded panty, she will turns heads on the red carpet, on stage and while hitting the Oscar Party circuit!

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