Monday, July 15, 2013

Customer Feedback: BoyBubbles Padded Underwear for Men

Bubbles' customers are always our best advertisers! We can always depend on these brand ambassadors to spread the word about Bubbles' quality and originality because both are hard to find commodities these days. In this economy, every penny counts and must be spent very carefully.

And today we want to thank our customer "R.T." for taking the tame to submit his feedback for our BoyBubbles Padded Underwear for men! We know how busy our customers are so we greatly appreciate every moment spent writing feedback that will help future, new and current customers shop at!

"Save yourself the expense of trying any other brand out there, I already have. THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEST product out there to invest your money into.

The ES brand, while nice, is almost twice as expensive, and you must order 2 sizes up larger than you normally would because they are SO TIGHT! Definitely not comfortable to wear all day! R**********m is just a cheaply put together brand. The fabric is fine, but the foam padding isn't noticeable, and is extremely fragile. I actually use the padding from this website (Item 958B) in the one pair of R*************m briefs because they look so much better.

The BoyBubbles trunk is very comfortable to wear all day. I've tried them on with all every different pair of jeans, shorts and dress pants I own, and the look is perfect. I have a perfectly FLAT behind, and instead of spending thousands on butt implants that have too many risks, BoyBubbles is by far the BEST option out there for value and realistic look.

Don't waste the money I did on any other brands!"

~R.T., Texas

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