Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Padded Panty Review of the Day!

Bubbles' customers often write to us with feedback regarding their experiences. We share those reviews on our website, blog, Facebook and page and on individual pages on our website if the feedback is about a specific product. Today's highlighted feedback is from one our our loyal customers in England: she bought the BubbleBuns Padded Panty and a few other products from bubbles, and from other companies. Here is her review about her padded panty buying experience:

"I bought from the bubbles ebay store at first, now this is my first time to shop at this store. I was content with all through ebay, i am content with this experience as well.

I ordered a cheaper padded panty from a uk store in uk, because the shipping would be faster and cheaper, but it was not satisfying at all and i realized i had to get back to lovemybubbles for a honest quality product.

I had contacted customer service a couple times, concerning the track & trace status of my item, and they where very helpful and friendly. USPS was quite a nuisance, but bubbles customer service had no blame in that.

Now that my bubbles boyshorts with lightweight silicone butt pads have arrived today, i couldn't be happier. I am used to the molded foamy caboost panty and i have to say this is quite a different sitting experience, but it looks and feels great to the touch. The panty is made from soft comfortable stretchy fabric, seems durable and is true to size. The pads are still quite heavy though, but wearable and very pretty combined with this panty. My man thinks this sillicone butt feels better than the foam butt, haha. When i wear my caboost panties, men whistle and compliment my butt, while women glare in envy, teeheehee. I expect the same effect with these panties. I am asian but now some people think i am brazilian due to my bubbles derriere :-o I LOVE IT! Overall a very nice product with great quality for a good price and top service.

I just made another order for a different colour boyshorts and foam pads, I can't wait till they arrive. So i won't just order again, i AM ordering again. Next on my wishlist is the insta booty box set."

-Lorraine, UK

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