Sunday, September 15, 2013

XOXO's to All Our Bubbles Girls from their Boss :)

A thanks to all our "Bubbles Girls" who strive to provide the best service possible, giving 100% love & patience to all Bubbles' customers!

Here's another glowing review from one of our loyal customers:

"Dear Bubbles, A notice was not in my mailbox. I called the Post Office. I picked up my package. I would like to say that I am incredibly impressed with your customer service. You responded quickly and professionally, plus I received a very polite, friendly phone call. Your care for customers is almost unparalleled and I am sincerely grateful. Unfortunately most companies tend to be rather unhelpful and rude. I will definitely shop with you again and will recommend you to anyone who asks. Feel free to use this email in your reviews, should you wish to do so. Many thanks, Sylvia"

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