Saturday, August 20, 2016

Exclusive Boutique Partners

Did you know that Bubbles Bodywear can be found in exclusive boutiques around the world?

For any of you ladies located in, or just visiting the South Florida area, we recommend stopping by Very Fitting in Vero Beach.  Hidden in this quaint beach town, Very Fitting carries all types of fun Bubbles Bodywear products!  

Click here for a list of exclusive boutique locations that may carry Bubbles Bodywear products in your area:

If you are a boutique or specialty retailer and would like to carry Bubbles in your store, please apply for a wholesale account at

Contributor: Christian C. 
Christian is a Customer Service Specialist here at Bubbles® Bodywear. Many of our Customers know and love her! She has an amazing perspective after years of assisting our Customers. Her blog contributions provide a unique window into the world of Bubbles®!

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