Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What's Your Rise?

When choosing a Bubbles shapewear style, we first recommend that customers start with the waistline "rise" that they prefer. 

What is the rise of most of your favorite underwear items in your sweet-nothings drawer? If you own mostly midrise undies, look for midrise styles at LoveMyBubbles.com. Here are some visual examples....

HIGHWAIST - Bubbles Bodywear's highwaist styles will rise to the bra-line area on most body types.

Victorian Padded Bodysuit - Example of a Highwaist Padded Body Shaper


HIGHRISE - Bubbles Bodywear's highrise styles will reach to the area between the belly and the bra line. Where the shapewear hits on the body is greatly dependent on height and the length of the waist. For example, on a short-waisted person, the style below will likely reach all the way up to the bra. But on a long-waisted person, the style may be inches below the bottom of the bra.

HighEnd Butt-Lift Shaping Short - Example of a Highrise Body Shaper


MIDRISE - Our midrise styles will reach up to the midsection. Depending on the style and length of your waist, midrise styles may sit just under, on or a bit above the belly button.

Foxy Fanny Original Padded Panty - Example of a Midrise Panty


LOWRISE - Low-riding Bubbles will sit on the hips, below the belly button. Keep in mind if you carry weight in your tummy, we recommend a midrise or a highrise style to avoid any muffin tops!

BubblesBuns Lowrise Padded Bikini Panty - Example of a Lowrise Padded Panty

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