Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Becoming a Bubbles Bodywear Affiliate

Yesterday we received an email from a long-time fan of Bubbles Bodywear. She asked for a coupon code that she could offer her social media fans whenever she blogs or tweets about Bubbles. I immediately thought that this topic would make a great blog post!

Bubbles as grown over the years primarily through word-of-mouth. Our fans, although not always willing to reveal the secret to their great-looking butt, often will eventually tell a friend, a sister, or their mom perhaps, about their Bubbles.

And we sincerely appreciate all those who spread the Bubbles word, and we want to reward those brand ambassadors! That's why we are members of Share-A-Sale, an online platform that facilitates our relationship with our affiliates.

How it works:

  1. Simply go to Shareasale.com and apply for your free advertiser account.
  2. Look up our company name "Bubbles Bodywear". 
  3. Apply to become one of our affiliates.

You can then start to link to our website and earn money every time someone clicks that link and makes a purchase at LoveMyBubbles.com!

Check out what one of our newest affiliates has done: PaddedPanties.com focuses on selling Bubbles' famous Padded Panty Collection!

So if you are a Bubbles fan and a social media maven, we invite you to apply for our affiliate program!

~The Bubbles Girls

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