Friday, May 1, 2015

In the Spolight: Customer Feedback

We're thrilled to be able to say that many of our customers are repeat customers. That says a lot. And we couldn't be happier that first-time customers return to us over and over again to stock their drawers with more and more Bubbles! 

One of our regular customers, we'll call her "M.C.", who has been shopping with us at for over 4 years, recently sent us some wonderfully flattering feedback. She's like many of our loyal "Bubbles Girls" in that she has a variety of our padded panties and different padding options. 

Finding the perfect padded panty at Bubbles Bodywear is an awesome feeling, especially for those who have shopped in vain for ages and tried so many fake-looking or low-quality products. But for most, there's more than one Bubbles style that works for them - depending on the outfit, the time of day, the size of padding. Our repeat customers know that we have more than one "perfect" padded style to offer. Below we have listed all the products that M.C.has ordered over the years.

I have been wearing your padded underwear since I discovered your website in 2011. I wear them every time I leave my house even if only to walk to my car. They are comfortable and helped tremendously with my body image. I had tried other products in the past but they looked fake. Your product fooled even my own mother. Thanks for making a shapeless woman look shapely. ~M.C.

BubbleBuns Lowrise Padded Boyshort

Behind The Seams Padded Boxer Panty

Retro "Diamond" Highrise Padded Panty

Fancy Fanny Padded Boyshort

Foxy Fanny Original Silicone Padded Panty

"Lite" Silicone Booty Pads

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