Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's All About the Hips (and Butt)!

Recently redesigned for the ultimate in curves, customizing and comfort, our Hipee Hip and Butt Padded Panty is the most versatile and realistic hip and butt booster ever invented!

Our Hipee padded undies offer 9 variations with our exclusive padding options...because only Bubbles® knows how important it is to be able to CUSTOMIZE YOUR CURVES!

And we've recently updated our Hipee Padded Hip and Butt Panty Product Video. Make sure to watch the video to see all the underwear padding options (on and off the mannequin). Our product videos are essential in assisting our valued customers in deciding which Bubbles® product and/or padding options are right for their shapewear goals and body type!

All the ways to customize your Hipee curves:

  1. Bubbles®' Hipee ships with one set of foam hip-to-butt pads.
  2. Optional Silicone pads give a fuller boost than the foam pads. The silicone feels more real to the touch. Can be worn over/with the foam pads for a more dramatic boost.
  3. Optional thick oval pads can be worn alone, with the foam pads or with the silicone pads for a bigger hip or butt boost.

And once you have your Hipee in hand, watch this instructional video to learn how to insert the padding into the panty:

And we know how important customer feedback is these days in helping customers determine their best style, size and padding options. Here's a recent Customer Feedback about our Hipee:

Wow...just Wow, First let me start with the wonderful customer service.. I got the Boyshort a while ago and unfortunately this brief did not suit my body at all, also the fabric was worn out after just one month. I contacted the customer service and they were so kind to send me the Hipee with discount and free shipping. I just received the package and I am speechless!!!! I have both silicone padding and fabric padding. I tried the fabric padding that was send with the Hipee and it looks super natural, the Hipee with fabric padding gives me the curves I have always dreamed of. I tried adding the silicone padding on top but this makes it look a bit unnatural, so instead I added the fabric padding I still had from the Boyshorts, The result I got was FABULOUS! I think the silicone padding in general is too heavy and makes the bum area look very unnatural. My tip for the best result is to try wearing 2 fabric padding’s!! T he size of the fabric padding from the Hipee is a bit larger than the one from the Boyshorts, but this doesn’t matter at all! All in all AMAZING product and an A plus for customer service! Thank you so much Bubbles!!!!

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