Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Choosing a Booty Enhancer (Padded Underwear Department)
by Karen Jones (Bubbles Bodywear CEO) 

I started Bubbles Bodywear in 2003 because I had an idea for a revolutionary way to boost the booty (and I had a very flat bum!). Since then, I have been designing butt-boosting body shapers ~ and I think it's safe to say that I'm the only person in the world who can say that she has spent 9 years designing bum enhancing underwear!

And nowadays, almost ten years later, I still read the feedback we receive from customers on a daily basis, and I also sometimes pick up the phone and talk directly to our customers because only when I find out what our customers need, can I improve the comfort and customizability of the styles we offer.

And if there's one thing I've learned from chatting with our customers, it's that choosing the right underwear style is an enormous challenge, especially when shopping on the internet. So I thought I would offer some shopping advice here on our blog, from my perspective, for new buyers of our padded underwear products...

If this is your first time shopping for padded underwear or booty lift shapewear, start by shopping for a panty/pad set (pictured above). What does this mean? Well...we sell panties that have pockets built-in to hold booty pads in place on the body ("pocket panties"). We also sell interchangeable butt padding. The panties and pads can be purchased separately, but we recommend this option only for people who are already familiar with these products and know which panty style and pad type that works best for them.

For padded underwear newbies, we suggest starting in the Padded Underwear Department on our website which includes all our panty/pads sets. These sets have been designed to go together so you can rest assure that when buying one of these sets, that the pad will fit perfect in the panty and will provide a natural and realistic boosting effect.

And buying sets is always more economical than buying the panties and pads separately. So save money and make sure you're getting a matching panty/pad set by buying your first padded enhancing underwear here, at

More shopping tips from Karen:

1. Peruse our FAQ: We have provided a wealth of information to help shoppers on our website determine the best product for their fashion, self-esteem and/or comfort needs.

2. Follow the size charts and buying advice on each product page: Each product fits differently depending on the fabric, style and construction of the garment. Some people want their shapewear to be tight while others want it to be loose and not binding. So each individual product page not only has its own size chart, we also include sizing advice when necessary (like "size up" or "item is very sung fitting").

3. Read our Customer Service and product-specific "Baby Got Feedback" : I truly believe that we have the best customers on the web! Why? Because so many take the time to write us with helpful feedback about what they do and do not like about the products they purchased. This feedback is posted on our website and can help guide other shoppers, especially when it comes to fit and sizing.

4. Use our Comparison Charts: We provide easy to use charts that compare panty styles, pad styles and thickness of padding.

5. Watch the product videos: On select product pages, videos make product design, fabric and purpose very clear and easy to understand. The entire collection of videos can be viewed on Bubbles' YouTube Channel.

Comments? Questions? Have more advice for other Bubbles Bodywear newbies? Leave your comments here!

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  1. I love my Bubbles! you guys are awesome and your customer service reps are so nice and knowledgable! Thanks Bubbles for making my butt look beautiful and bubbly!