Monday, October 29, 2012

Dos and Donts a Bigger "Bubbles" Butt

It's best to tackle that droopy or flat butt from all angles...working out, weight lifting, eating (the fun way) and, of course, Bubbles Padded Underwear and Booty Lifters (the easy way)! Here are a few tips to keep your backside looking beautiful...

  • Buy lowrise pants. You will begin to notice that low rise pants (with a short distance between the button and top of the inseam) or between the back belt loops and the crotch of the pants, generally fit tighter on the butt. Most of the time, these are your designer brands. Abercrombie and Fitch typically cut all their pants and shorts this way. Highwaist pants can cause the dreaded "long-butt" affect!
  • Eating - although this only works if you are already skinny and have a low BMI (body mass index). Gaining a few pounds might actually enhance your overall shape by making your breasts and butt bigger.
  • Try some of Bubbles' bestselling padded underwear and butt-lifting undies:

BubbleBuns Padded Boyshort Panty for a super-cute lowrise padded underwear option

Retro Diamond Highwaist Padded Girdle Panty for a highrise control shaper

Foxy Fanny Silicone Padded mid-thigh panty for a realistic look and feel and a seamless look under clothing

For a discreet and subtle lift without padding, try the Bubbles Butt Lifting Bands (Great for the hotter summer months) or our famous DOUBLE-O booty lifters!

  • Don't get surgery! Buttock enhancing surgery is dangerous, not to mention costly. Exercise and using butt enhancers is safe, affordable and healthy!

  • Don't shop at unreliable online retailers. Bubbles has forged the padded underwear industry by designing and retailing our products in honest, transparent and ethical ways. But there are companies that take advantage of people when they are in a time of need. Watch for companies that don't allow  returns or exchanges, sell poor quality products and provide no communication after the sale. We have heard consumer nightmare stories from customers who tried other companies but who eventually found and converted to Bubbles!

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