Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Eucalan Scent ~ Florida Jasmine!

Our favorite of all our Fashion Fixes has to be Eucalan'sall natural delicates detergent. I personally don't leave home without my Eucalan travel packets when packing for any type of trip. And my Mom swears by Eucalan products for washing all the beautiful scarf, hat and sweater creations she knits.

And now Eucalan has added an amazing new scent: Jasmine Essential Oil! I'm in love! I highly recommend that any and all of our customers try it. You will become addicted to the luxurious, romantic, intoxicating scent of fresh Jasmine in your clothing.

With such alluring scents, it's almost hard to believe that Eucalan is an all natural cleansing soap. Free of harsh chemicals, this detergent does not even require rinsing. Simply soak for 5-15 minutes then squeeze the soapy water out of the garment. Hang dry and you're done!

One more exciting tid-bit....Bubbles now offers the 16.9 ounce big bottle size! A more economical solution for those of you, like me, who have become addicted to Eucalan for all our laundry needs.

Available scents:

Natural (Unscented)

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